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Pools are closed?! Here is a ‘splashtastic’ checklist for the perfect at-home beach day

The pool might be closed for the summer, but you can still have fun in the sun with an at-home beach day.

By Liana Cannon

It’s one thing to be told you’re going to be stuck in your house for a couple months… it’s a whole new level of disappointment to be told that pools will be closed for the summer! That news put a huge damper on summer fun, but this just means you’re going to have to get your splash on at home – and we’ve got just the concoction to do it. Head outside with the kiddos and grab these essentials for the perfect at-home beach day.


Splash Pad

Yes, you can just have the kids run through the sprinkler, but this small investment can gain you a lot of time. The kids will be playing for hours! Splash pads are only about $30 on Amazon and if you don’t have a manual sprinkler head, you can hook this up to your hose and have kids play in a very isolated area. I was particularly looking at the SplashEZ pad because when you plug it into the hose, it inflates the rim with water and then sprinklers pop out through little holes. If you don’t want to use the sprinkler feature, the rim will still inflate with water, encasing your little tots in shallow water for them to play like a kiddie pool. It also has learning games printed on the bottom so your kids can absorb some knowledge while they’re at it!


Bubble Wands

This is the simplest kid toy and yet so captivating. Bubble wands go great with water activities because you’re already wet and can play around in the soap! If you’re wanting to go big, I’d recommend trying the giant Amazing Bubble Wand for $16. It has two large stainless-steel poles that you can extend so kids of any age can have fun. The poles are attached by two ropes to make HUGE bubbles!

If you’re wanting to keep it simple, though, you can even make your own. Just shape floral wire or pipe cleaners into a wand with a circle at the top and dip them into some dish soap! Try adding some beads or glitter to the handle to give it a personal touch.



Water Cup Races

This carnival game is brought to your yard courtesy of Just punch a hole in a plastic cup, run a string through it, and tape each end to the wall or tie them around a tree. Then have the kids use squirt guns to squirt water at the cups and move them down the string. First cup to the end wins!


Sponge Bombs

Growing up, I was never allowed to play with fake guns – even on beach day! So, if you’re like me, these DIY water bombs from are a great alternative. Grab a few of those cheap foam sponges (you can get them easily at a dollar store or Walmart). Cut the sponges into three strips, then wrap about nine strips together with an elastic band or tie a string in the middle. Spread out the strips to make a little spikey foam ball, dip in the water, and have at it! Yes, your lawn will turn into a war zone – but there’s no clean up!



Fruit Kabobs

I’m all for simple, especially when it comes to snack time. This go-to treat beats the heat and can be ready in no-time! Chop up a few fruits like bananas, strawberries, grapes, or melons and stick them on some kabob skewers. It’s simple, healthy, and adds a bit of tropical flare to the plate. Plus, the kids will find it refreshing on a hot day!


PB&J Sushi Rolls

Yes, now you’re that classy mom that serves sushi for lunch… on a budget. This crafty idea from is revolutionizing the way I think about sandwiches! Grab a piece of bread, cut off the crust (don’t like that stuff anyway!), knead over it a couple times with a rolling pin, and spread on the peanut butter and jelly. Then roll the piece of bread up and cut it into a few slices. Voila! A PB&J sushi roll-up! Pair it with a little lemonade and you’ve got at-home beach day lunch made in a few minutes.

Ok, you’re almost ready, but before you head out, don’t forget to equip the kids with sunscreen and some good water shoes so they’re not slipping around or stepping on any of the stuff that might be hiding in the grass. Who said we need public pools to have a little fun in the sun? Now, go get your backyard splash on!

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