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School’s out for summer! Here are 5 free chore charts for the kids

School’s out and kids have more free time than ever! Here are some summer chore charts to give them a little responsibility.

By Mindy Dunyon

The school year is wrapping up and soon there won’t be any busy work to fill up the days. That means kids will have plenty of time to get their chores done!

We rounded up some cute, free chore charts to help keep your family organized and busy all season long.


Before You Can Play Chore List

Tired of the kids asking to play before their chores are finished? Print out this cute chore check list and they’ll know they can play as soon as they finish everything on the list.


Responsibility Chart

Print out this cute responsibility chart so the kids know exactly what they are responsible for every day.


Blank Chore Chart

This is a great option if you don’t want chores set in stone. Just fill in the blanks according to your children’s needs.


Boys & Girls Chore Charts

Keep your kids on task and give them motivation to get everything done with these cute printables specific for boys and girls!