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Keep your spring flowerbed fresh all summer! Here are 8 plants that thrive in the heat

Don’t let your spring flowerbed die off during the summer.

You’ve invested in the spring annual plantings. Now make them be their best, even when the summer sun starts to beat down.

Greenhouse grower, Brian Lloyd says one of the top questions heard by master gardeners is, “what flowers will last in the heat?” He shares recommendations to make your yard look great.

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3 Ways to Make Your Annuals Look Great All Summer

  1. Mulch – top dressing the soil in your flower beds, even with just an inch or two of compost, helps tremendously
  2. Fertilize – It takes a lot of energy for blooming plants to continuously put on their show, help them by providing nutrients with a slow-release or water soluble fertilizer
  3. Dead Head – Removing spent blooms, especially on Geraniums, Dahlias, and many other blooming plants can encourage new buds to emerge


Heat-thriving Plants



Flowering Vinca

Shasta Daisy




Ptilotus (Pink Mulla Mulla)

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