balloon flowers

Bring spring to your party display with balloon flowers! Here’s how to make them…

Here’s the tutorial for spring balloon flowers.

There’s a lot to celebrate this season, and a lot of excuses to decorate.

From wedding showers to graduation parties – Miranda Thompson shared a unique way to fill your space with florals that hold their color and shape for weeks. Create beautiful blooms with… balloons!

Miranda loves the affect of creating flowers from balloons and using them in installations and party decorations. She shared two different types of balloon flowers.  One starts with round 5″ balloons, and the other flower is created using the 260 balloons, or the long skinny ones used to make balloon animals.

Both these flowers are a great starting point, and all the supplies can be found at your local party store or online.

Balloon flowers can last for weeks when kept indoors and away from direct sunlight. This makes them a fun alternative to real flowers, or as a nice addition to any party décor.


Miranda is a founder and co-owner of Snap Pop Party!  She loves bright colors, especially pink, creating magic, bringing joy and her husband and kiddos.  Miranda spent 25 years climbing the corporate career ladder before switching things up and starting a party business. Snap Pop Party! is your one stop shop for all you event enhancement needs from photo booths to balloons to fringe and so much more. Contact Miranda and see her work on Instagram at

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