Spring Sweater Refashions

Jennifer Hadfield from the blog Tatertots and Jello shares quick and inexpensive makeovers.

I love high-end stores like Anthropologie, but their clothes can be very pricey. So I set out to make some Anthropologie look-alikes!

The first sweater was a $2 Thrift Store (D.I.) find.

I took this $2 sweater, added some flowers made out of an old t-shirt and some left over ribbon. I added a ribbon belt.

Total project time = 30 minutes.

So the total cost for this Sweater Refashion was $2.

The second sweater was a plain cardigan from my closet.

I used some leftover fabric scraps to make ruffles and then I created some rolled fabric flowers and attached them on top of the ruffles for a unique, expensive look.

This sweater ended up costing me $0. Total project time = 2 hours.

The third sweater I made I used a plain orange sweater from Target and a striped scarf.

I sewed the scarf onto the sweater by folding it in half width-wise and then gathered the scarf down the sweater from one shoulder down to the opposite side.

Then I took an old t-shirt in the same orange color and cut it up into 15 circles. I made a large flower out of the circles and sewed it onto a piece of felt and then sewed the flower to the top of the scarf. I love it because it’s kind of a twist on nautical for Spring.

Total cost — $12 Total project time = $30 minutes

The fourth sweater I made was a $4 Thrift Store find.

I cut it down the middle to make it into a cardigan. Then I took some leftover cotton fabric and sewed a ruffle down each side of the front and around the back of the sweater.

I paired it with a cobalt blue shirt and found a matching grosgrain ribbon and tied a belt.

Total cost — $4 Total Project time = 1 hour

For more detailed tutorials, check out Jen’s blog, Tatertots & Jello.

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