Summer-Ready Skin

Carrie Brinton from Elase Academy shares ways to get your skin Summer-ready.

One easy way to give a treat to your skin is through exfoliation. It is always important to get rid of dead skin in order to let new skin shine through. Exfoliation also unclogs pores, keeps the skin clean, and reduces your risk of developing blemishes. Drinking water is also vital for healthy skin. Staying hydrated is not only a way to keep skin looking and feeling fresh, but is also important for total body health.

Skin needs to be protected against harsh conditions year-round, especially here in Utah. Wearing sunscreen, even in the winter, can protect your skin from harmful UV rays that cause aging. An easy way to amp up skin protection can be to find makeup and daily moisturizers that already contain SPF.

Elase medical spas offer many services to keep your skin feeling young and looking bright. Whether you are looking to have laser hair removal or even skin resurfacing, Elase can help you with your skincare essentials.

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