Stampin’ Up Décor Elements

Décor Elements™ products make it easy to add Stampin’ Up!® images and colors to your walls, doors, windows, or other smooth surfaces. They’re simple to apply, simple to remove, and beautiful to look at.

Décor Elements images work well on the following surfaces:

• Smooth, nontextured, drywall walls painted with matte or glossy paint

• Other smooth, nontextured surfaces, such as glass or metal

• Smooth, nontextured wallpaper

• Flat, smooth, finished wood surfaces, such as paneling or doors

We do not recommend that you apply Décor Elements images to the following surfaces:

• Textured or uneven surfaces

• Brick

• Oil-based surfaces

Each Décor Elements product has three layers:

• The backing sheet, marked with gridlines to help you line up your images.

• The image that will be transferred to your desired surface.

• The transfer sheet, which is the sticky “masking tape” material covering the image. You can see the image through the transfer sheet.


• For best results, work carefully and slowly with the images.

• The image is easier to apply when it’s at room temperature.

• Do not touch the sticky side of the image, and make sure the sticky side of the image does not fold in on itself.

• To clean, use a mild soap or detergent and wipe dry.

• Carefully measure and mark where you want the image. You can remove the image once, but it cannot be reapplied after you have removed it from the surface.

To locate a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator near you, call 1-800-STAMP UP or visit


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