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Have you started your Christmas gift list yet? Here are 4 ways to keep it organized

Save yourself stress by keeping your Christmas gift list organized.

You’ve probably already started brainstorming gift ideas and saving links. It’s that time of the year when the excitement of choosing the perfect gifts for your loved ones begins.

Sabrina Gardner shares simple tricks to help you keep your shopping list organized.

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How to Organize Your Christmas Gift List

1. Categorize Your Shopping List

Sabrina suggests categorizing your shopping list into two main groups:

  • Immediate Family: This includes kids and spouses. You often purchase multiple gifts for immediate family members, like stocking stuffers, Christmas Eve pajamas, and the main gift.
  • Everybody Else: This group generally receives single gifts.

Start by writing down every person you need to shop for throughout the season. Consider occasions like holiday parties, where you might need a white elephant gift or a hosting gift. Don’t forget teacher and coach gifts. This comprehensive list will give you a clear overview of what you need to tackle.

2. Organize with Digital Tools

To streamline your holiday shopping list, consider using digital tools like Google Sheets or your notes app. Google Sheets offers a dedicated mobile app, making it super convenient for on-the-go organization. In the notes app, you can create lists with checkboxes for easy tracking.

3. Include Important Details

Your shopping list should cover more than just names. Sabrina recommends adding these essential categories to your document:

  • Gift Ideas: Jot down gift ideas as they come to you during the season. These could be inspired by conversations, observations, or suggestions from your loved ones.
  • Save Links: Save links to specific products you plan to purchase. This helps streamline your shopping, especially if you’re waiting for a sale. Just click the link to go directly to the product.
  • Process Tracking: Include checkboxes or notes to track where each gift is in the process. This could involve tracking whether you’ve purchased it, where it’s stored once it arrives, and whether it’s been wrapped.

4. Enhance Gift Labels

Here’s a pro tip from Sabrina: when labeling your gifts with “To” and “From” tags, add a little note. For example, if a gift is meant for Christmas Eve, include this detail on the tag. This saves time when you’re trying to locate specific gifts, such as Christmas Eve pajamas, from under the tree.

Keeping a well-structured digital or paper list will not only help you remember everything, but also provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment as you check off completed tasks. Start these organizational strategies early in the holiday season, and you’ll enjoy a more relaxed and stress-free shopping experience.

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