perfume sampler

Love List: Try 16 scents, get one full size for free! This perfume sampler is a perfect gift

This perfume sampler lets you choose your perfect scent.

When we love it, we share it with you! This addition is a personal pick-me-up that tickles the senses. We’re adding the Sephora Fragrance Sampler Set to the Studio 5 Love List. While this product isn’t new, it’s so good it had to make our list.

The sampler comes with sixteen sample-size fragrances that range from earthy and woody, to fresh and floral. You get to try out all of the smells! Pick your favorite, then take the included scent certificate to any Sephora store to swap it for a full-sized bottle of your favorite fragrance at no cost. It comes in at a price point of $85,  but it’s valued at around $170. That’s a score for a scent! They also offer a men’s cologne set with the same value, so the hubs can get in on the fragrance fun! It’s perfectly giftable, and a great idea to give your girlfriends for the upcoming holiday season.

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