Stay Put Hairstyles

Upgrade the sloppy ponytail and “bangs in your face look” and sport a reliable hair style for your next summer adventure. Studio 5 Producer Halli Tinti has four looks to help your hair stay put no matter what your day planner looks like.

The bounceless bun:
– This is a tight bun that you can wear running or on a play date with the kids. You can get this look by starting a normal high pony tail without pulling the last loop all the way through. You take the extra hair and wrap it around the base of the pony and get a polished high bun that’s guaranteed to stay put.

The wonder under pony:
– This look is great for the in-between length. Too short for a high pony, but long enough to keep your neck feeling hot. All this look needs is tiny elastics and a comb. Bend over with your hair reaching to the floor, and tie four little pony tails, be sure to connect the first to the second and so on. This will keep that hair from falling out in the back so you can get that high pony look and feel.

The bang boss:
– This is a new take on the traditional braided bang. It’s more of a twist braid. You start with two pieces rather than three and you only pull from one side. So cute and easy to pull off. This will easily keep the shortest of bangs back and under control.

The headband hero:
– Relying on an unreliable head band could be one of the most frustrating things ever! So here is THE solution! Don’t buy into any more of those athletic head bands that claim they will hold your hair. Instead buy medical pre-wrap. Yes, pre-wrap. It is the new way to hold your bangs back. This technique has been tested and tried with all sorts of athletes and will not budge. Just a cute little bow or not in the back of the headband and you’ll get a full days worth of no bangs in your face.

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