How to Look Pulled Together in a Pinch

We all know someone who looks flawlessly pulled together, all the time. But the truth is – none of us have time to spend hours primping.

Fashion blogger Amanda Sanchez of “Little Miss Fearless” says with a little time and thoughts, any on-the-go gal can pull off a polished look.

1. Create an Outfit Library
Some women plan their outfits out in advance for the week ahead. Most of us just aren’t that organized. And even if we are, it can sometimes be difficult to anticipate situations days in advance that can alter our weekly outfit menu. Regardless, having at least two outfits that you’ve perfected from head to toe ahead of time can really save you from a meltdown when you’re running late in the morning. And when you’re running late, there’s no time for trying on every shirt in the closet. You need an outfit you can throw on in less than three minutes and still feel confident and comfortable, with all the prescribed accessories. When you finally get to where you’re going, you wont have to think twice about whether you look good or if everything matches.

2. Think ‘Pencil’ for Professional
Pencil skirts (not to be confused with mini skirts) look good on everyone, no matter the body type. If you can’t remember what’s on your calendar for the day, a pencil skirt is the safest option. If you have an important meeting, you’ll be polished and ready to go. It’s always better to be overdressed, especially in an office environment, so at least you’ll know you look respectable even if you didn’t need to dress up that day. One way to strike a balance between dressy and casual is to wear pointed flats (instead of heels) and a fitted tee with the option to add a blazer or jacket. Don’t worry if you’re not great at layering. A button-up blouse is a no-fail companion to the pencil skirt. Then just look for opposites, pairing a solid with a print and a light with a dark, and you’ll be ready in a jiff—without second-guessing yourself later.

3. Call on Classic Colors
Blue & White is the color combo that says summer. Navy blue and white is especially timeless and makes its way back to our wardrobes year after year. When you’re forced to dress in a hurry, this color combo is a no-brainer. Stripes add a nautical theme, but any print will have you looking fresh and put-together.

Black & Black + Glam is as simple as it sounds. Wear an all-black outfit, whether it’s a dress, pants and a blouse or a skirt and top. How easy is that? Then add bright, colorful accessories or patterned shoes and a light scarf. The point is, black always looks sophisticated. It just doesn’t have to be so boring. So wear that bold statement necklace or layer on a light sweater/jacket. Voila! You’ll feel poised and polished for the day.

4. Hair-Lemma Solutions
I think we can all agree that a bad hair day can ruin any great outfit day. And unless you have hair like Jennifer Aniston, you’ll probably run into this dilemma a few times. Here are some styling options to consider:

· Oily Roots – For oily high-maintenance hair that doesn’t have time for a wash, try using an absorbent powder, such as Dust It (available through licensed hair stylists). It’ll buy you at least one day without a wash and does wonders for cowlicks. Dry shampoos are also great solutions for disguising oily hair and come in powder and aerosol forms. Check with your hair stylist to find the best brand for the best price.

· Pulled Back – When you don’t have time to curl, straighten, or even brush your hair (hey, it happens sometimes), a side part and low ponytail is your best option for a clean, sleek look. Be sure to tuck any loose hairs behind your ears and use fun colored hair ties in place of your traditional elastic.

· Buntastic – For hair that just isn’t cooperating, try modifying the low ponytail with a standard messy bun, an easy bun accessory (available at H&M or Target) or a DIY sock bun. All of these options work well for parted and slicked-back hair, so go with whichever one suits you.

5. Don’t Skimp on Finishing Touches
Lipstick, mascara, and concealer are three very powerful tools. Consider yourself lucky if you rarely use all three. Follow these tips for quick application:

· Lips – A great lip color, all on its own, can often add THE finishing touch to your rushed morning routine. Look for lighter shades of pink, coral and only wear dominant reds if you’re used to wearing lipstick regularly. The last thing you want is to show up with smudges on your teeth and face. MAC’s “Angel” and “Girl About Town” lipstick colors are the perfect shades of pink that look great on any skin tone.

· Mascara – For most people, mascara brings definition to the eyes. Try putting multiple coats on your top lashes and leaving your bottom lashes untouched. Also, heating up your eyelash curler with hot water or the curling iron (just for a few seconds) before curling your lashes will give a more drastic curl, giving you longer looking lashes all day.

· Concealer – Mineral makeup has been a hot item for years, but some brands, such as Bare Minerals, offer concealers that provide incredible coverage. The application brush is just as important as the makeup itself and allows a higher concentration of concealer to be applied with each brush stroke—making for faster, more efficient application.

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