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Steam DOESN’T open pores? 8 skincare myths you might believe

Here are some skincare myths you shouldn’t believe.

We all strive to improve our skin, often spending a lot on skincare routines. However, it’s you don’t want to waste time on things that won’t make a difference.

Master Esthetician Lisa Richards debunks a few myths surrounding skincare.


People often form ideas based on logic, but without understanding the science behind them. It’s important to look beyond these ideas and delve into the science of skincare.

Myth 1: Opening and Closing Pores

Many believe that steam can open pores and cold water can close them. However, this is false. While steam is used in facials to soften the skin and activate certain ingredients, our pores do not open and close. Heat can cause vasoconstriction, making the pores look smaller, but it doesn’t change the pore size.

Myth 2: Tanning and Acne

Tanning is often thought to help clear up acne. However, this is a myth. Tanning is pro-inflammatory and causes inflammation in the skin. Since acne is an inflammatory disorder, tanning can exacerbate the condition.

Myth 3: Retinol and Sun Exposure

Many people skip retinol on sunny days or while on vacation. However, retinol helps repair sun damage. It’s essential to wear sunscreen and continue using retinol consistently.

Myth 4: Sunscreen and Vitamin D Production

Wearing sunscreen does not lower your vitamin D levels. You can still synthesize vitamin D through the eyes and other areas while being sun-protected.

Myth 5: Oily Skin and Dryness

Oily skin can feel dry due to dehydration. Even if you have oily skin, it can feel dry, especially in areas lacking humidity.

Myth 6: Vitamin C Intake

While vitamin C is essential for the skin, only trace amounts at best are going to make it through the skin from your diet. For skin function specifically, topical application is much more effective.

Myth 7: Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

Coconut oil is not a good alternative to traditional moisturizers.

Myth 8: Skincare Mini Fridge

Using a skincare mini fridge does not help preserve products longer. It just makes the products colder. Products are formulated to last or be stable at room temperature.

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