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Stronger character, deeper relationships. 5 questions that test your strength of character

If you want deeper relationships, your own character has to be strong.

In order to deepen your relationships, you have to have a strong enough character to support them. Understanding our depth of character, and deepening it, will help us maneuver the more complicated barriers of love more effectively. That is is what allows us to be more vulnerable with the people we love and more open to make the necessary changes to create enduring love.

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend shares five questions we can ask ourselves to test our strength of our character.

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5 Questions to Test Your Strength of Character for Deeper Relationships

  1. Can you name three things you have changed or are actively working on improving in your most important relationships right now?
  2. Do your conversations refresh the emotional oxygen of those with whom you’re talking?
  3. Do you strive to see others in your life with fresh eyes…being able to see their new growth, their different ideas and their small changes?
  4. Do you remain open minded and calm in conversations when you’re hearing things that run contrary to your beliefs, thoughts, or values?
  5. Do you have the character to love and serve your partner fully even when they’re falling short in how they love you?

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