Studio 5 Cookbook Review: The Mom 100 Cookbook

We’re peeking inside the pages of the newest cookbooks.
Flipping through the photos and trying out the recipes for you.
We asked Camille Beckstrand from Six Sisters Stuff to put the Mom 100 Cookbook by Katie Workman to the test.

I had actually never heard of this cookbook, but I am so glad that I have now because it is one of my favorites! Almost every single recipe is kid-friendly, but there are little side notes on many of the recipes that have tips to cater towards more “grown up” tastes.

Every recipe also had ways to involve your children in the prepping process, which I loved. My kids love to be in the kitchen with me and I have found that if they help me prepare it, they are more inclined to eat it (which is awesome when it comes to vegetables and new foods!).

Most of the recipes are fairly simple and her instructions and tips make the recipes so easy to follow. If someone is just starting to cook, this would be a great cookbook for them because it breaks down everything into simple, easy-to-understand tips.
The pictures are beautiful and there is at least one large color picture for every recipe.

I love all the vegetables that are incorporated into so many of the dishes and almost everything is made from scratch. She says at the beginning of the book that cooking dinner for your family will take more time than getting take-out, but almost everything worth doing takes a little time and effort. And cooking dinner for your family is definitely worth it!

She offers a couple different versions of many of the recipes so that you can adapt it to what your family likes best.

My only complaint about this book is that some recipes span 3-4 pages . . . I have never had to turn a page in a cookbook to get the rest of the recipe (it was a little odd to me). But other than that, I am definitely a fan and I hope that she makes a sequel!

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