February Out & About Planner

Replace that mid-winter funk with a little fun! Studio 5 Contributor, Veronica Johnson, has a list of February events to put in your planner.

Is your living room floor littered with Batman, Superman, and Spidey figurines?
Do you believe that Bigfoot is real?

We Could Be Heroes delves into the growing captivation with super heroes and monsters in contemporary pop culture. At the exhibit, you’ll see a life-size Loch Ness Monster, a 20-foot tall alien girl, and other captivating art created from a variety of mediums. Everything from Alice in Wonderland to Oprah and Bigfoot.

Jeff Lambson, BYU Curator of Contemporary Art says, “Nearly every recorded history has some story of the hero battling the monster, and good triumphing over evil.” Bring your family and explore, the monsters and heroes of history, as well as those of society today.

Have you ever wondered how a lion lets a lioness know he likes her? Or how an elephant finds a date? Maybe you’ve been contemplating how a giraffe gets his girl. Sometimes dating ideas can come from the most unlikely of sources. Check out Hogle Zoo for a fun, relaxed evening of dating strategies where you’ll participate in dolphin courtship displays, find your pheromone match & practice mating calls. You may even pick up a few hints. But at the very least you’ll enjoy a fun, informative evening and a delicious catered dinner.

Do you think Valentines Day is for the birds? Well then, here’s your chance to Adopt a Tweetie for your Sweetie! Now through Valentines day you can celebrate your love for your sweetheart by adopting a bird at Tracy Aviary. Becoming an adoptive parent of one of these fine feathered friends is a rewarding experience and you don’t even have to hire a babysitter! When you adopt a bird, you are helping fund the care and well being of the birds. These make great gifts for a child, a bird loving buddy, or that friend who has everything.

On another note: Tracy Aviary will be having their FREE Scout Day on Feb 23rd. Free admission to anyone wearing a scout uniform.

Were you meant to have been born in the days of Jane Austen? Are you enamored with Downton Abbey? You and your sweetheart can learn the dances of the Regency era and dine with ladies and gentlemen as you are transported back to a world of carriages, white gloves, gowns and cravats. The Jane Austen Society Regency Romance Ball is a magical evening followed by a full English dinner and desserts. And it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Held at the Salt Lake Masonic Temple – February 8 & 9

A 6,420 year old child mummy, a 14th Century German Nobleman, an ancient Peruvian woman, and an Argentine howler monkey in a skirt. Have I got your attention yet? Mummies of the World at the Leonardo brings these curiosities and many more to SLC on Feb 16th. This is the largest exhibition of mummies and related artifacts ever assembled. With interactive hands on exhibits and cutting edge 3D animation, you’ll discover how mummies are created, where they came from and who they are.

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