Studio 5 January Theme: Be New & Improved


Thousands of products line store shelves. And every year, hundreds of those products experience a makeover, of sorts.

The change may be ever-so slight—new packaging, a new logo. Maybe the item contains more of a certain ingredient or less of a particular additive. But no matter how small the change, federal guidelines indicate any altered product can qualify for the same description: New and Improved.

It’s a retail fact we can all learn from—no matter how small or insignificant our change may be it’s a step toward improvement, an attempt to make new. So, don’t our efforts deserve the same acknowledgment? Well, we think so. So here’s to a month of celebrating…and a month of becoming: A New and Improved You.

Kiersten Blanchard, Studio 5 Family Fun Contributor: “January is perfect. After you get through the Christmas rush, you take a look inside and examine. We all set goals to lose weight, to be more organized. We set goals to become new and improved ourselves and with our families. I think it’s great to be happy all the time with our children and our families, but never quite satisfied; always looking for new ways to do things, better ways to spend time together and enrich our lives with our kids and our husbands.”

Holly Stone, Studio 5 Beauty & Fashion Contributor: “January is really a month of renewal. We can change the way we think with just a thought, in just a second. The same goes for beauty. and fashion. It only takes baby steps to make changes and it’s really easy, if you’re willing to try.
It’s a known fact that what you wear, directly affects the way you think, the way you act, the way you feel and they way others respond to you. What you wear, truly affects the way you feel. And it’s not about being a glamour girl – it’s really about taking an extra few minutes on yourself, to help you feel good – because you deserve it!”

Melanie Douglass, Studio 5 Health & Fitness Contributor: “I think the foundation of a new and improve you is appreciating your physical body, because you only get one, we have to take care of it and the key to doing that is appreciate what a great gift it is.”

Dr. Liz Hale, Studio 5 Clinical Psychologist: “Sometimes we go into a New Year wanting everything to be different – new body, new height, new hair, new marriage sometimes – just new everything. It becomes mid-January and we think, ‘Oh my gosh, here I am again. Same old, same old.’ And it’s not unusual for someone to really feel some self-loathing and self-hate, as painful as that is to say. But what about a new and improved moment? Like, right here and right now I can choose to be more loving, instead of resentful. I can have a new and improved life right now without changing my body type, or my height, my hair or my marriage – I can just choose to be different in the moment.”

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