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Identifying a “top tubing hill near you” is far from difficult if you live in Cache Valley. The infamous “Old Main Hill” located on Utah State University’s campus is “steeped” not only in regard to the fast, yet decently long, ride you’ll take down the oversized hill, but also in tradition, as many a generation has zipped down the snow-covered terrain. And when the snow is absent, there’s no lack of fun, as “ice blocking” is a common activity on the hill. Other than the top and perimeter of the area, the actual sledding area is for the most part tree-free; minding the “winter activities at your own risk” generally provides a safe experience for participants. So come one, come all–bring your sleds, tubes, snowboards, or even old cafeteria trays, and enjoy the winter fun on Old Main Hill, all while taking in the breathtaking views of the Wellsville mountains to the west, and the historic Old Main building and USU campus to
the East!

Mary Darnell, Logan

Living on an Air Force Base comes with its perks. One of them is a great hill for tubing right beside our Hubbard golf course. They actually opened up the gate on the hill for this great activity. It’s about 100 yards long at about a 45 degree angle. It is best for bigger kids. But has some other kid friendly hills nearby. With approximately 2000 people who live on base, we were surprised how unknown these sledding slopes were! Help us get the word out there for some fun for our hard working and hard loving families!!!

Christy Parker, Layton

I think the best hill in Murray is Murray City Park Hill over by the school, you see kinds on it add winter and older kids ice blocking in the summer it is a great hill!!!

Lora S. Warren, Murray

The closest one to me is Tibble Fork in American Fork Canyon. I haven’t been to that one yet, but I have been to Solider Hollow and it is wonderful.

Amberlee Smith

Let’s not forget Southern Utah! There is a great tubing hill at Brian Head. Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays the park is open from 10 am – 8 pm, Sun – Thurs open 10 am – 4 pm. There are 6 lanes to choose from and a tow lift to the top. it costs $12 for 2 hours. A little more expensive than those up north, but they don’t have a lot of competition – figure in gas and time to drive to one of the ones you mentioned and it is a steal for us. calling for reservations is recommended on weekends and holidays. More information can be found at

Dawn Little, Cedar City

The best tubing hill ever is at John Adams Park in Brigham City. Brooke, if you’re from Brigham City then I know you’ve been there! We went there the day after Christmas with my 18 month old. It was a perfect day, my son’s first tubing experience in great snow, with snowflakes still falling and we were the only ones there. Some previous tubers had made some great jumps and we even let our boy go down part of the hill by himself. In Brigham City you’ve also got Mantua’s mountain hillsides right up the road and the park across from Pioneer Park that’s just as fun.

Heather Walker, Brigham City

One of the best places to go tubing in Provo is Rock Canyon Park. It’s a great big bowl, with smaller sides for little kids, and larger sides for the bigger kids. This is the best place to go in Utah County. And it’s tree free as well!

Trisha Parker, Eagle Mountain

I’m a transplant to Salt Lake County but I grew up in Ogden. The best tubing place for older kids is actually the Mt Ogden Golf Course. There are some great areas that are right up to the mountain for awesome thrills! Because it’s on the mountain you could find steep hills or more gradual inclines but you could glide so far! For the bunny hill tubers—we always loved Orchard Park, also in Ogden. It had a great hill and lots of space to glide forever! So much fun!

Wendy Nichols, Ogden

I live in Brigham City, Brooke’s hometown! The top tubing hill here is at John Adam’s Park. It is a fun place to go and so easy to get to since it is right in town. It is steep enough that it is fun for older kids and there is even a spot where younger children can go that isn’t too steep. The best thing about it is its close by and even within walking distance for older children to go and play on for a couple of hours.

Tina Harris

We love Murray Park because there are so Many different sizes of hills and LOTS of room so you are not running into each other!!

Kristina Montgomery

I live in Tooele and the best hill around here is at the Stansbury Lake!

Melanie Williamson, Tooele

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