Studio 5 Love List: July


First, local artist Scott J. Wakefield has brought illustrations to the popular tongue twister, “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?” Now the whole family can enjoy the story of Woodchuck Chuck and just what a woodchuck chucks when they cannot chuck wood with the colorful illustrations by Wakefield. For more information about the book, visit


Named after her daughters, Tami Vincent’s Abbie & Ellie Syrup is something breakfast should not be without. Abbie & Ellie Syrup is made in Orem and can be found in any of Kneaders six locations in Utah. This is one sweet treat we cannot resist.


Packing up the family for the beach, park or even the big game used to be a hassle, but now with the Shade Wagon your trip with the family can be much easier. Two moms, Jennie Larsen and her sister, Nicole Ramirez, created the Shade Wagon. Inside one wagon there is enough room for an umbrella, MP3/Ipod Speakers, holder for beach bags, garbage bags or totes, straps for carrying chairs and even a fold-down feature that will turn the wagon into seats. This all-in-one item is just the thing any active family is looking for. Find out more at


And finally, who doesn’t like a little extra something to complete an outfit? Nothing is more classic than a simple necklace. Brooke Mortensen, from Ogden, has dressed up this traditional piece of jewelry with a vintage twist. Her initial pendant necklace is breathtaking and is even making appearances in Hollywood. Find and purchase this necklace and other of Brooke’s creations at

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