Viewer’s Choice: Best Road Bites

Your picks are profiled in this list of “must-eat” restaurants
from the backroads and byways of Utah.

In Salina Utah, there is the world famous Mom’s Cafe and also Mexican food, the best ever is El Mexicano.

-Amber Curtis

Dairy Keen in Heber has been own and run by Max & Caleen Mawhinney for many years. The children help run this, along with all their grandchildren. A little piece of heaven, they have won the best in state for many years for their best burgers and shakes, one being the “train burger”. Trains are on every wall, ceiling, out front in a tower, and on their front lawn for the kids to sit and eat. The train inside has a scenery of the valley painted around the whole room. Steve Streble also took a year to build a little town with the train from the Harry Potter movie, which is also inside under glass for all the children to see. (VERY FUN) They have many favorites, but in the winter they serve the best soups ever…. and have over 5,000 frequent diners in the system that come and enjoy often. The whole town of kids is employed there and they love it because they get to work, but still have plenty of time for their school work. Many have been sterling scholars. This is a must stop lots of people and lots of fun.

-Chris Keeling

There is a place in Huntsville called The Shooting Star Saloon 7350 E 200 S. It’s the oldest bar in Utah, built in 1865 as a trading post and converted into a bar in 1879. They have a signature meal, double patty hamburger with the knockwurst solit and loaded on top mmmmmmmmmmm-good!

-Else Theobald

The Cabin Fever Cafe in Logan, Utah. I attended Utah State University, and we would often stop by the Cabin Fever Cafe for a breakfast of their famous French toast. The French toast is breaded and deep fried. It almost tastes like syrup covered donuts. It is a diet killer, but worth the splurge! I LOVE IT! It brings me back to the carefree days of college.

-Brittany Bell

My family and friends and I frequently go to Taggarts Grill. WE haven’t had anything bad yet in all the years we have been going there, and nobody has mentioned (enough in my opinion) the homemade desserts! Two Words- CARROT CAKE! I am not usually a carrot cake fan, but I would give up desserts for a month for their carrot cake. Every one of their desserts ROCK! About 12 different cheesecake varieties: cookies of various kinds, brownies in different flavors, and my sons’ favorite the ultimate chocolate cake. The food is amazing, all homemade and they even cater to my son-in-law who is vegan. Taggarts is hardly hard up for business, they are always packed, but everyone needs the wonderful experience known as Taggarts!

-Michelle Marshall

Model A Café in Mapleton. Ambience is created with an old rusty Model a car located outside at the entrance to the Café. Upon entering the front door, a sign over the kitchen door reads “MADE FROM SCRATCH.” On the menu you will find everything under the hood including the trunk. It brings a lot of classy car rally folks, and others. It is always busy, and the owner often comes around to the tables and talks with you. It has country decor, brushed stainless tables, big country mural with old time planes, etc. You feel like family when you go there. The food is great and the staff as well.

-Charlotte Waters

I love Call’s in Perry. Their Root Beer alone is worth a visit to this drive in. Also, in Brigham City itself is the “not to be missed” Peach City. A Big Joe Burger and homemade fries topped off with homemade ice cream hits the spot. They have a drive in or a few booths and counter inside.

-Chris, Brindi, Devan & Nathan Rawlings

Parkers Drive In, in American Fork. My mom, Judy Harper has worked there since she was 16. She is now 63. Original building and hamburgers with fry sauce. Nothing too special, besides history. Many people come from all over and the first place they go is to Parkers. They are in jeopardy of closing because American Fork raised 30 business’ water rates by 400% and they can’t afford the bill, but they are going to hang in there as long as they can. Special little place!

-Cheri Anderson

In Bicknell on the way to Capitol Reef National Park, there is a very unique restaurant called Sunglow. We stopped in because of their pies. The food was good too, but they are famous for their pies: pickle, pinto bean, butter cream and oatmeal. They have others, but those are the unique ones that we’ve never heard of before. It was worth a stop.

-Megan Hansen

Don’t forget about “Pappas Steak House”, it’s on Hwy 89 in North Salt Lake.

-Mike Wickens

We would like to recommend Timp Freeze in Midway as an additional Road Bite. It would certainly qualify on a par with the ones shown in the segment. They have about 35 flavors of shakes, an extensive menu of hamburgers, foot long hot dogs with sauerkraut, and many many other tasty selections. It has the aura of a 50’s drive in. It is very popular during the summer. We like to visit Cascade Springs, drive over the mountain on our way home and stop at Timp Freeze about sunset. The prices are very reasonable.

– Dave and Lorri Bennett

Arshel’s on Main Street in Beaver is a must stop for my family whenever we drive through central Utah. They have a wide variety of menu items, reasonable prices and good sized portions. Great pies too. I think they are homemade. WELL WORTH THE STOP!


“Bluebird Cafe” in Logan. Best food and chocolate’s in the State. “Ricardo’s Restaurant” on Main Street in Brigham City is the yummiest Mexican food! Everything is made from scratch and to order.

-Kimberly Jolley

Terra Mia Ristorante in Orem is a fun authentic Italian restaurant. Authentic Italian pizza, delicious salads, and gelato are some of the fun attractions for this restaurant. It is a very fun experience. There is “Just on time,” where they can get your pizza cooked and out to you in a minute! Definitely something you should try, I love it.

-Julia Stoddard

Our favorite road side dinner is Pennies on Hwy. 36 about 15 miles outside of Tooele. Not only is the food great, but the atmosphere is awesome. It was just recently remodeled and reopened. They have the original grill and a counter that has over 12,000 pennies on it, it is just an awesome place and you won’t be sorry if you stop by and give it a try. It has also been in many movies and TV shows, such as, Touched by an Angle and The World’s Fastest Indian.

-Misty Perry

Being from Brigham City, one of our very favorite places to eat is Maddox Drive In. You can’t beat a turkey burger. They also have lots of other great things. The carhops come right to your car to take your order. It’s great!!

-Sherrie Brown

The best place to eat while around Green River is Ray’s. We do a lot of canyoneering down there and every time we stop and eat at Ray’s. They have huge and juicy hamburgers, which is just right after a long day canyoneering.

-Ethan Michaels

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