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Studio 5 Says: Intentional practices our staff brings into their daily lives

These are some intentional practices you might try out in your life.

All this talk of being more intentional has the Studio 5 staff thinking about how we infuse more intention into our own daily lives. You could say we take our work home and take our own ideas to heart.

The Studio 5 Team shares how they infuse intention into their everyday.


Mindful Social Media Use

Producer Harlee Frodsham infuses intention into the everyday is by not having Instagram on her phone. She still uses Instagram daily, but only through a browser on her work computer or laptop.

“This has been so helpful for me personally, because my phone is with me 24/7. I’m not always by my computer, so I only get on for a purpose when I want to connect with family, be in the know, or see what’s going on in the world,” Harlee said.

This mindful approach to social media use has opened up more room in her life for other things that potentially bring more meaning.

Structuring the Week

Producer Mindy Dunyon structures her week to ensure she gets the things done that she want to get done.

“I try to set aside days of the week for certain tasks. So Tuesday is always a cleaning day, Thursday I try to make my friend day, and Friday is usually the day I try to meet up with my mom,” she said.

This strategy helps prevent her week from just passing by without accomplishing what she wanted.

Intentional Hand Lettering

For Creative Editor Jill Broadbent, living with intention each day involves hand lettering. This creative hobby is not only therapeutic, but also helps her remember important quotes, scriptures, or podcast nuggets more.

“I find that whether it’s in the creative form or just the physical act of writing something out, it really helps to cement it in my heart, to keep it front of mind,” Jill said.

Quality Time with Loved Ones

Producer Amy Iverson tries to live more intentionally by spending quality time with those she loves. She makes plans with different groups of friends and family and keeps those plans on her calendar to ensure she follows through.

“Then, I can really go learn more about their lives and what they’re up to and cherish that time that we spend together,” Amy said.

Keeping the House Tidy

“One way that I try to live intentionally is by taking care of my husband the same way that he takes care of me every single day when he gets up and goes to work,” Producer Abbie Medeiros said.

She plays her part by making dinner, tidying up the house, or doing a little laundry.

“I get this all done before he gets home so he can just come home and relax. Then we can sit at the table, have a yummy meal, and talk about our days. It’s seriously my favorite part of the whole day and I always look forward to it,” Abbie said.

Nightly Journaling

Each night before bed, Producer Maddy Tolman takes a moment to write one line in a journal about something that made the day worth living.

“It can be anything from putting extra butter on a fresh slice of banana bread, to finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans,” she described.

It has become one of her favorite practices, and one of the most meaningful parts of her day.

“As I look for those moments each day, it helps my eyes to be better trained to find them. This practice has helped me find those happy moments and become an overall happier, positive person,” Maddy said.

Being Productive with Your Phone

Digital Producer Lauren Tippetts tries to be more intentional with her phone. Before heading to Instagram, she likes to do a couple of things.

“I like to do a couple of lessons a day on Duolingo, I will calendar my week, and I will meal plan,” Lauren said.

She also clears off unwanted photos from her camera roll using a tip she learned, ironically, from Instagram.

“Search the date on your Photos app and then your memories will come up from the past several years. But, you can also go through and delete any blurry pictures or screenshots that you don’t need anymore,” Lauren explained.

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