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Studio 5’s At-Home Activity Plan: All about flowers

Need ideas to entertain kids? Enter Studio 5 At-Home Activity Plan!

You’re stuck at home with energetic kids, so what do you do? We have a solution ready for you. You’ll have a complete way to explore together in a way that is part learning, and part playtime. Each day we’ll be sharing an activity plan following a theme, today being flowers!

Rachel Nipper, from I Heart Crafty Things, put together this activity plan, which is all about flowers.


At-Home Activity Plan: All About Flowers


Growing Flower Craft

This interactive paper plate growing flower craft is super fun for little ones to explore how a flower grows out of the ground with the help of sunshine and water. To make the craft, use markers to draw dirt and a flower stem at the bottom of the paper plate. Draw and cut out a sun and child watering the soil, and glue it onto the paper plate. Create and cut out some fingerprint flowers to attach to popsicle sticks. Have an adult cut a slit at the top of the ground for you to insert the flowers in. Place the flowers inside the slit. Move the popsicle stick up and down behind the paper plate to watch as your flowers grow out of the soil.

Paper Hyacinths

Hyacinths and tulips are gorgeous and colorful spring bulbs found throughout Utah. Print out the free template on colored paper or construction paper and follow the simple instructions (or video tutorial) for how to make some colorful paper flowers to display on the fridge or an art wall at home.

Tulip Flower Card

This colorful pop up tulip card is another fun flower craft to put up on display for spring. The cards are simple to make with the help our free template and tutorial photos. Plan ahead and make some of these pretty cards for family and friends for Mother’s Day.

Simple Snack 

Build a Flower Snack

Get kids involved in snack time by letting them create a flower with food and supplies you have on hand in the kitchen right now. Lay out some fruit and vegetables you have such as carrot sticks, celery sticks, apple slices, and orange slices. Place some dips and sides that go along well with them like peanut butter, ranch dressing, hummus, yogurt, or cottage cheese. Have children place a small paper cup or small, round container in the center of a small plate with the dip or side of their choice. Then layer the fruits and vegetables around the cup to create flower petals.

Learning Activity

Flower Alphabet Match

Print off this large flower printable poster as a fun way for preschoolers to practice matching their ABC’s at home. We saved and used milk caps for the matching pieces, but you can simply write the letters on a paper circle for children to match on the poster.

Flower Math Activity

Here’s a fun and engaging way for kids to practice counting and simple addition problems at home. Grab a pair of dice from a board game you have. Kids roll the dice into the circle on the printable template, then add up the dice to see how many flower petals to add to their flower. Use the flower petals included in the free printable, or use painted pasta like in our photos.

Media Moment

YouTube video: Parts of a Flower

Out & About Activity

Color Scavenger Hunt

Get the kids outdoors for some fresh air and to explore the beautiful colors of spring with this simple color scavenger hunt. Use markers to color different color squares onto a paper lunch sack. Then as children are out exploring nature, they can find the colors on the bag and place the items inside their bag. Families can sit in a circle at the end of their walk and empty the content of their bags to share with each other what they found and talk about each of the colors.


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