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Studio 5’s At-Home Activity Plan: The world of color

This at-home activity plan sends you over the rainbow!

We have four fun experiences that teach your kids about the world of color from Ana Dziengel at Babble Dabble Do.

Ana says: “Color always brings a smile to your face! I love any opportunity to introduce kids to color theory and there are so many ways to do it using easy to find materials you have around the house.”


At-Home Activity Plan: Color

Craft Connection: Make Diffusion Art

Create a rainbow of colors using science! This easy science art project will wow kids with a cool effect.

Project here, video here.

Snack Break: Eat the Rainbow

Challenge your kids to think of different snack items for each color of the rainbow. Collect the items and create a color wheel using snacks!

Media Moment: Make your own color wheel

Download our color wheel template and use it to create a color wheel out of markers, watercolor, or oil pastels.

Project here, video here.

Out and About: Guess the Color Game

Give each of your kids a paper bag. Ask them to collect three colorful items from around the yard to put in their bag. To Play the Game: Each child should describe one item in the bag WITHOUT saying its color. The goal is to guess the color of the object being described.

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