Style File: Bargain Beauty Buys

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone share her top ten favorite bargain beauty buys.

When we’re talking “beauty bargains,” there are a couple of shopping secrets to keep in mind.
   • Bargains can be misleading. Don’t believe expensive       cosmetics or personal care products are better than       inexpensive cosmetics or personal care products. Some labels       add more hype to their products than what is actually.
   • Name brand isn’t always better. No name product often use       similar if not the same ingredients and can yield the exact       same result. Try both before deciding. This decision is usually       preference-based, not quality-based.

1) Origins Underwear for Lips: $14.50 (free shipping promo today)

Save money by using a lip primer. You won’t need to reapply your lipstick as frequently therefore your product. It plumps. It shapes. It minimizes little lines. Slips on seamlessly. Smoothing silica plumps up tiny cracks and fills in fine lines. Cushions lips with moisture-rich Glycerin, Jojoba and Vegetable Oils. Lip Color clings – it won’t feather, stray or fade away quickly.

2) Marakesh Oil for hair $13.99 Taylor Maid

A little goes a long way so this product lasts a LONG time. A trick? Rub into cuticles before running through hair. This oil gives brilliant shine and moisturizes and conditional natural. This product acts as a protector, a moisturizer and a thermal styling product. It absorbs quickly without greasiness. Mention Studio 5 and receive a 20% discount!

3) Aveeno Skin Smoothing Body Scrub, $6.00, Walmart

With soothing oat and a gentle exfoliator, this is only product you need to polish your skin to a luminous, soft finish. No need for expensive, highly fragranced scrubs. This one is good for you and for your budget.

4) Turbie Twist® Hair Towel, Set of 2 for $9.99, Bed Bath and Beyond

How often do you roll you hair up into your bath towel and then walk around trying to juggle the turban knot on your head while doing other things? This towel solves the bulk and weight of a bath towel instantly! The Twisty Towel is a super-absorbent hair towel that dries hair in just seconds. Whether your hair is long or short, the one-size-fits-all 100% cotton towel will stay in place. Since your hair will require less blow drying it will stay healthy and strong with less wear and tear. Simply place it on your head, twist, and fasten. Machine washable.

5) 3-Pack CVS Chapstick, $2.99,

Some of the cheap brands overcompensate by adding too much fragrance to entice the purchase or a thick wax as a filler to get the price down. This product is MY FAVORITE! Not waxy or too greasy. It’s the perfect combination of moisture for dry, cracked lips, with just a touch of mild fragrance. At this price, you can’t lose!

6) Microfiber Tights, $4.99, Walgreens

Ultra thick and hard to snag. Toe reinforced with slight tummy control. Best value! In 6 colors. Their sizes even give extra length which is great if you have longer legs. This week, buy one get one free!

7) Scarf Wrap, Wal-Mart, $5.00

Superb quality, great selection of colors. Can be worn over coats, under coats, with shirts, in hair, as belts or tied around bust line to create empire look. The prefect gift: give a scarf with a cute printed pamphlet with how to tie/wear a scarf.

8) Neutrogena Moisturizer SPF 15, $7.99 Target

Lightweight, absorbs easy. No fragrance. Great value for a sunscreen. Dermatologist approved.

9) Physicians Formula Bronzer, $6.77 Walmart

Another FAVORITE. No orange face. Goes on smoothly and imparts that healthy sun-kissed glow.

10) Tweezers by Tweezerman, $20, Bed, Bath & Beyond

Tweezers are key to any beauty bag. From tweezing stray facial hairs, to shaping brows, a good pair will go a long way. This brand can be re-sharpened for free by the company. Combine with 20% off coupon, an in store promotion of buy one get one ½ off.)

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