Style File: Hot Spring Looks

In today’s style file 5 trends that will make you look like a fashionista! Not
only are they new styles for spring- but they will be big through the summer.
Studio 5 fashion contributor Heidi Allen is here with how we can master these
looks – and look in the know ourselves.

High-Low Hems

You will see this trend all over the stores in skirts as well as in shirts. It’s a
fun play on last year’s spring/summer maxi skirts, except this one is a little
bit sexier showing off more of the leg. Every high-low hemmed skirt I have
found is a light chiffon fabric that is very feminine and fun.

Top, H&M, $ 24.95
Skirt, Kohls, $44.00

Floral Pants

A huge spring trend right now is floral prints, and one great way to wear
them is on your pants. This year we have seen a lot of fun trends with pants.
Instead of your typical jeans or black pants, we’ve seen a lot of bold colors
and this trend is only taking it to the next level by throwing a print on it. This
definitely is a little bit more bold for some, but to help you out if you are
looking for a floral print pant, try and grab a pair that has the same color
family of clothes that you typically wear. This makes it a lot easier to mix and
match things you already have at home with something as bold as a printed

Floral Pants, Anthropologie, $185
Top, Forever 21, $22

Color Blocking

We are back with the spring edition of color blocking. Pairing these bold
pops of color has been trending throughout the year, and shows no signs of
slowing down. This dress from Nordstrom pairs two bright, fun-loving colors
and epitomizes the trend of color blocking. Again, we are all about color this

Color-Blocked Dress, Nordstrom, $138

Graphic Art Prints

One of the bigger trends right now is art deco/graphic design prints. You will
be able to recognize it through the geometric shapes, zigzag lines, heavy
detail, symmetry, bold designs, etc. It’s very modern and functional looking
and you’ll see this style with lots of bold colors again. It definitely adds an
edge to whatever you are wearing, literally.

Graphic Top, Kohls, $36
Pants, Anthropologie, $178


This is probably my favorite spring trend, and depending on which way you
decide to go it can be a definite bold statement OR just something subtle
that adds character to your outfit. The peplum is a short overskirt that is
usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse, dress or skirt. And it actually
gained popularity in the 1930’s and is on the comeback this spring. It is a
way to accentuate those curves we are sometimes trying to hide, and it
embraces our femininity.

Peplum Top, H&M, $24.95
Skirt, Soel Boutique, $35

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