Style File: Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts were the must-have piece of clothing last Spring and Summer. Ridiculously comfortable to wear, the ankle length skirts are so cute and flow-y. But is that a trend that has come and gone, and can you carry the look into winter?

Fashion blogger Amanda Sanchez of the website “Little Miss Fearless” gives the final word.

Is the spring/summer maxi skirt trend sticking around?

Yes. Maxi skirts will be big again this spring/summer. We’ve even seen them available at some retailers throughout the winter season. I’m a huge advocate for comfort fashion, so this is a trend I’m happy to see continue in 2013.

Can I wear a maxi skirt in the winter?

Unless you live near a warm beach, don’t wear a maxi skirt in the winter. They’re meant for warmer seasons. The fabric is typically thin and the length alone is a no-no for wet, snowy climates like Utah. You’ll ruin the hem before spring even rolls around (not to mention the mess you’ll make of your shoes with all the gunk on the ground). As long as your coats are still out, your maxi skirts should be tucked away.

What is a way to style a maxi skirt so it looks seasonally appropriate?

Maxi skirts have more longevity than most people think. In cooler months like spring and fall, pair them with a scarf or light, chunky sweater. A cotton button-up blouse in a fun print and a denim jacket will also add just enough layers to keep you warm. If it’s still chilly outside, you don’t have to wear flip-flops. Flats work, too (and remember, they’re comfortable!). During summer months, go for lighter fabrics.

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