Timeless Style for Every Age

Trends come and go, but true style is timeless.

Fashion blogger Shannon Abbott breaks down three pieces that work for every age.

The fashion industry evolves, and so should your personal style!

In your twenties it’s important to experiment and find your style. It’s ok to make a few mistakes along the way, this will help you know what you like!

In your thirties you refine and define. You can still play with trends but it’s time to find what works for you.

In your forties it’s time to start looking for comfort and class. Find clothing that has a great fit in more expensive fabrics. Less is more! Remember, that if you wear clothing that looks to young for you, it will make you look older.

These days, we have been given permission to break a lot of fashion rules – you can wear white after Labor Day, mix colors and patterns. But one rule that will always stand, in my opinion, is the need to dress your age.

I have identified three key items of clothing that will work for any age. All of these items are must haves in your wardrobe but they all can be worn very differently depending on your age, and stage of life.


20’s- In your twenties you want a blazer to add that something extra to your look. Finding a blazer in a print will do just that! Pairing it with a rocker tee and leather leggings with make sure you are in style and age appropriate.

30’s- A blazer in your thirties is a must. You should own a few. I love a classic fit in a fun color. In this look I have a fun color in the blazer and print in the pencil dress. The fits are classic, that makes this look true to age.

40’s- A blazer in your forties should be classic in the fit and color. To make the look not boring or “old”, pump it up with a bright color sweater and great heels. You will feel young and fresh!


20’s- Lighter denim is very on trend for 2013. This lighter chambray shirt is perfect and a looser fit works for a twenty year old. I paired it with a fun camo pant, heel, and big earrings to pull the look together.

30’s- This print chambray is so cute! It gives the “same old” chambray a step up. I love this shirt paired with a printed pencil skirt and a cap toe heel. It’s a subtle pattern mixing, perfect for a women in her thirties.

40’s- A dark chambray will work wonderfully for a women in her forties. Keep the look simple. I did just that when pairing this chambray with a jean for the denim on denim look. I still had fun with the look using a bow flat and a statement necklace.


20’s- A women in her twenties can pull off the skinny pant very well. Print, color, leather, almost anything. So why not have some fun with it? That is just what I did in this look. I’m loving the wax coated skinnies right now. They have just the right amount of shine. I paired these with a striped sweater and studded booties.

30’s- In your thirties you can also have fun with your skinnes. I would recommend picking skinnies in a more classic color. The tuxedo is a very flattering skinny pant. I paired these with a black peplum top and leather jacket. To have a bit of fun I added a colorful shoe.

40’s- Yes you can still wear a skinny pant in your forties! I would recommend a trouser style to keep the look classic. I paired these with a beautiful silk top and blue flats. You will look amazing, age appropriate, and still feel young.

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