Style File: The Best in Bronzers

Professional Make-up Artist Jennessa Herde breaks down the best in bronzers.

Bronzers are great staple for any beauty bag. It can make your skin look sun-kissed even when it’s protected with sunscreen. It can also wake up tired, pasty skin. By using the right bronzer it’s easy to capture the just been kissed by the sun glow without the damaging effects of the sun. A bronzer can be used for the face or for the entire body.

When picking out bronzers there are a couple of things to take into consideration. Are you looking for a matte bronzer or a bronzer that has more shimmer to it? Do you want a cream, powder or gel bronzer? Is your complexion fair or more olive? It may seem like a lot to ask yourself for something as simple as a bronzer, but choosing the wrong shade can make you look orange, dirty or even striped. My professional advice when you are purchasing a bronzer, choose a shade that is a little darker than your skin. If you’re fairer look for a bronzer that has a pink or peach base, if you are more olive, then look for copper based bronzers. These shades will be a nice compliment to each skin type.

In my hunt for the perfect bronzer I spent countless hours at the local drugstores, beauty supplies, salons and department stores looking for bronzers that I love and can’t live without. The ones that I found are Jane Iredale, Palladio and Lorac. Jane Iredale mineral based bronzers come in various shades; So-Bronze 1 is mixed with tiny specks of gold mica to add sparkle and also a glow. So-Bronze 2 is a slightly darker shade with the addition of a quarter moon of pressed gold powder. So-Bronze 3 is slightly darker than the first two, So-Bronze 3 has a quarter moon of pressed peach; this bronzer is perfect for almost anyone. If you are looking for a fun portable Bronzer with a handy retractable brush then Brush-Me Bronze is the one for you. It comes in two shades, No.1 and No.2. This is perfect for highlighting, contouring and bronzing, giving you a healthy touch of color. Jane Iredale has created bronzers that are perfect for any complexion. What I love is the over all look that you get with these bronzers. The gold flakes are what give you a healthy glow and since this is a mineral cosmetic line you can feel confident in knowing that you are only using the best products on your skin.

You can find Jane Iredale products at I’m Beautiful Salon in downtown Salt Lake. Price ranges from $41.00 and up.

Palladio I found at Ulta Beauty, in Sandy for only $10.00. Palladio is one of those hidden gems and when you discover it, you wonder how you ever lived without it. I purchased the Sun Kissed bronzer and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. The Mosaic comes in 3 shades and each palate has 5 colors ranging from light to dark and is so versatile that you can use the colors alone as eye shadows or swirl together for beautiful shade of bronze. This is now my staple bronzer and it will remain in my personal and professional make up kit.

Lorac, created TANtalizer, a Body Bronzing Luminizer. TANtalizer can be used on your legs, arms and your décolletage for a beautiful bronze glow. What I love about TANtalizer is that it’s a quick-drying, long wearing body make up that has just enough glow to give you a sexy, flawless look in just minutes. I found a travel-sized tube for $10.00 and a full sized tube for only $32.00 on

When applying Bronzer you want to keep it simple. A common mistake that most people make is applying the bronzer all over the face for a faux tan look. The Must Hit spots for applying bronzer are where the sun would kiss your face: forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin. I love applying bronzer to my shoulders, legs and décolletage as well.

Using the right brush is just as important as picking the right bronzer. The brush I like to use when applying bronzers to the face is a Highlighting brush. This brush has a combination of natural and synthetic fibers giving you versatile effects and providing the best application for a flawless and professional look. For the body, I prefer using a Kabuki or All Over Powder Brush. This is a short handled brush with an oversized head of natural bristles that is ideal for applying not only bronzers, but powders as well.

I love the look that the right bronzer can give one. When looking for new bronzers don’t be afraid to try them out. When purchasing a new bronzer save your receipt, the department and drugstores will take it back if you aren’t satisfied. But with a little knowledge, picking out the right bronzer can be easy for anyone.

Born and raised in Orange, California, Jennessa Herde’s love of makeup started at a very young age. Jennessa would often sneak into her mother’s or grandmother’s make up bag and play for hours, trying on various shades of lipstick, eye shadow and blush. As Jennessa got older she found herself assisting her mother, a drama teacher and director, with theatrical Makeup and Hair for Theatre Productions. It was when helping her mother that Jennessa realized she wanted to be a career Makeup Artist.

Jennessa received her formal education as a cosmetologist from Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, in Orange, California. Jennessa went on to attend the internationally known film make up school, Make Up Designory, in Burbank, California. Here Jennessa studied Beauty and Character Makeup classes and received her Journeyman Certificate. With her attention to detail and professionalism Jennessa has always been highly sought after for various project including film, fashion shows, weddings and special events. While Jennessa loves developing and doing film makeup her true passion and love is working with all women, helping them see how truly beautiful they are. To Jennessa there is nothing more rewarding then seeing a women’s level of confidence rise when she looks into the mirror. You can find Jennessa at I’m Beautiful Salon in Salt Lake City or you can contact her via email at

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