Style File: The Jean Shape-Up

Courtney McKenna-Gibbs with Urban Blue says most women fit into three different categories.


• Your upper and lower bodies are proportionate to each other, balancing your shoulders and hips.

• Measurement of chest, waist and hips are fairly equal, creating a straight torso with little curves.

• People frequently say you are slim.

• You have a smaller bust.

The challenge for H shapes is to add curves and definition to the naturally straight shape. Rulers can actually pull off the skinny jean trend, but also look fantastic in jeans that run straight from the hip to the thigh, breaking into a bootcut at the hem.


• You have a smaller bust.
• Your hips are slightly wider than your shoulders.

• Your upper body is weaker than your lower body.

• You tend to put on weight in your thighs and legs

The challenge for A/Pear shapes is to create a balance between the upper and lower body. Search for simple, medium-sized, well-placed pockets without much adornment to downplay your backside.


• Your bust and hips are about the same size, with the waist being around 10 in. smaller.

• You may be full-figured.

• You have a medium- to larger-sized bust.

• Your upper and lower bodies are proportionate and curvy.

The challenge for 8/Hourglass shapes is finding garment lines that won’t make you look dowdy. A boot-cut silhouette is most flattering as it creates the look of a longer leg.

Urban Blue is a local jean boutique worth checking out. They offer designer denim at deep discounts.

2919 East 3300 South
Salt Lake City

278 East 12300 South

(801) 486-5326

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