Summer Hair Survival Guide

From the sun to chlorine – summer can be hard on your hair! But with the
right products your hair can stay healthy and stylish all summer long.
Stylist Brandi Holdaway with Salon O shares the must-have products and
hairstyles for summer.

Phyto Protective Sun Veil:
This is a lighter spray that protects hair when you’re out in the sun golfing
or running around in the sun, and you can still style your hair with this

Phyto Protective Beach Spray:
This is a much heavier spray that is more like olive oil to really coat the hair
when you’re at the beach or swimming pool. This is meant for a more wet

Kevin Murphy MAXI.WASH:
This detoxing shampoo can be used after you have been swimming in
either chlorine or lake/ocean water. Clarifies the hair and gets rid of all of
the chemicals and free radicals that get into your hair.

SU Pak Nourishing Mask:
This replenishing mask can be applied to your hair after sun, salt, and
chlorine. It puts nutrients back into the hair after being exposed to harsh
environments. Leave on for 1-5 minutes after shampooing

Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT spray and gel:
This gel is for medium to thicker hair, and the spray works better for fine
to medium hair. Beach spray gives the hair the feel of being at the beach
with the salty texture it gives, and it smells fantastic!

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