Summer Skirts for Your Body Type

The hot summer months just beg for easy breezy, light-weight skirts – but
not all skirt shapes flatter your figure. Studio 5 Fashion Contributor Heidi
Allen shows how to find the right skirt for your body type.

Skirts are a big part of any spring and summer wardrobe. Tan legs, summer
breeze and the hot sun will make you want to break out your skirts every
day of this fun season. If you are in the market for a new skirt, I have a few
tips to help you find the perfect one to compliment your body type while
feeling comfortable at the same time!

The first thing you should all remember is that it’s not about size, it’s
about shape. Most bodies fit one of these general categories and no matter
what size you are, your body type will (for the most part) stay the same!

Hourglass Shape: Pencil Skirt

Show off your best assets and accentuate those curves and small waist with
a pencil skirt. You want a structured, quality fabric skirt that slims you out,
but doesn’t squeeze you in the wrong areas. Choose a top that
compliments your curves as well and don’t forget a belt to draw attention
to your smaller waistline!

Yellow Pencil Skirt, JCrew $75.00
White cotton top, Soel Boutique $50.00
Pink Belt, H&M $5

Pear Shape: A-line Skirt

If you have a pear shaped body, you have wider hips and legs with a
smaller bust and narrow shoulders. Choose an A-line skirt that hits at the
knee and doesn’t hug your accentuated hips and thighs. Make sure it’s
fitted at the waist and “swingy” through the hips. You want to make sure to
define your waist and wear a fabric that doesn’t cling to your hips and
doesn’t add more bulk.

A-line coral skirt, Soel Boutique $44.00
Cream Floral shirt, Soel Boutique $128.00
Cream Braid Belt, Soel Boutique $14.00

Apple Shape: Bubble or Tulip Skirt

If you have an apple shaped body, you have broad shoulders, a full bust,
narrow hips and a small behind. To balance out your proportions, find a
skirt that has subtle volume. Skirts with gathering at the top, small pleats
or an upside down tulip shape are perfect for your body type. Choose a
skirt that adds dimension and fullness to your hip area and a little more
volume to your backside. Busy prints can also help do this!

Polka Dot skirt, JCrew $79.99
Green top, Forever 21 $19.99

Rectangle Shape: Texture & Detail
If you think you have a rectangle body, you probably have more of a
straight shape. Medium shoulders, bust and bottom half. Try wearing skirts
that have detail and dimension. You want to add more volume and create
an illusion of curves. The best ways to do this are to wear skirts with
ruffles, tiers of fabric and ruching. You are also one of the lucky body types
that can pull off horizontal stripes without a question! The horizontal
stripes can create a curvier look.

Navy Ruffle skirt, Downeast Outfitters $34.99
Red Detail Sleeve shirt, Zara $39.99

Catchall Shape: Maxi Skirt
When in doubt, go with a maxi skirt. You just can’t go wrong! Find one that
fits you comfortably, and pair it with almost any top. This type of skirt
looks good on anyone. Pick a jersey skirt with ruching at the top if you are
looking to hide your hip area or choose one with extra flowy fabric to add
volume! You can find them in all colors, sizes, and styles.

Teal Maxi skirt, Nordstrom $39.95
Chambray shirt, JCrew $59.50

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