Summer Makeup Must-Haves

Lighten up your look! Trade out those heavy foundations and lipsticks for
something a little softer and summery. Beauty Blogger Kristie Burnett has
spotted the makeup must-haves for this season.

Summertime is here which means bronzers, creams, and sunscreens are
put to task. Here are some of my favorite brands and products for summer:


I am thrilled to be able to give you an exclusive peak of the Hey, Sailor!
MAC summer collection that will be released this weekend. With it you have
the best of MAC, high quailty products, great packaging, and the perfect ‘it’
colors for the season. Get your ‘glow’ on with these products and prepare
to dazzle.

In addition to the summertime collection, MAC consistently carries
products that work well for summer. The Prep + Prime series of products
are designed to ensure that make up looks good and stays PUT. No
melting, fading, or creasing when you properly apply these products. This
means that even though it is 100 degrees outside, your makeup is set.

A few other favorites of mine are the Creme Colour Bases and the MAC Fix.
The Creme Colour Base is the perfect highlighter for summer. Cream
products help you achieve a nice natural dewy glow, and this product is a
multi-tasker. Use it on your cheeks, your lips, your eyelids or as a
highlighter, it will give you the perfect amount of shimmer. The MAC Fix is
a skin refresher and finishing mist. Spray this once your makeup is applied
and it ‘sets’ the makeup, or spray it throughout the day to refresh your
skin. Perfect to pack to the pool or the beach.


Hey, Sailor!

Lip Pencil: $19

Suntint Balm: $16

Bronzing Powder: $24

Powder Blush: $21

Lipglass: $15.50

Body Oil: $22.50

Prep + Prime Moisturizer: $40

Prep + Prime BB cream: $30

Prep + Prime Finishing Powder: $23

MAC Fix: $20

MAC Creme Color Base: $17.50


Too Faced:

Too Faced has a great summertime collection of products. Known as the
brand that takes the ‘mystery out of makeup’ they design products with
instructional cards showing you how and where to apply product. The
Summer Eye shadow collection has three different cards giving you a
variety of application ideas.

In addition they also have one of my favorite bronzing products, the
Coconut Oil Body Bronzer. Apply this shimmery bronzer over your faux tan
and it makes your skin soft, luminous and bronzed. They also have a
chocolate bronzer which actually smells like chocolate and a great BB cream
for summer.

What is a BB cream? BB creams are the MUST-HAVE products of the
moment. Every brand is now carrying them from MAC to Garnier. They are
basically a tinted moisturizer on steroids. They conceal, protect, and
illuminate your skin, all while looking completely natural.

Another favorite Too Faced product of mine is he Kabuki brush. You know I
love multitasks and this is a serious multi tasker for summer. Applying
bronzer, blush, face powder and shimmers flawlessly, this brush can do it
all. Using Too Faced “Teddy Bear Hair” bristles means no cruelty to animals
here. It is specially designed to pick up just the right amount of pigment
and distribute it flawlessly.


Summer Eye Collection: $39

Royal Oil: $35

Chocolate Bronzer: $29

Blush Duo: $35

Kabuki Brush: $29


Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier gets the industry win for Tinted Moisturizer. Their tinted
moisturizer gives you lightweight, flawless coverage all while protecting
your skin with an SPF. If you are going to pick a foundation for summer,
this would be the one.

Included in their summer collection are Sheer Creme Colours, Bronzing
Powder, and Hydratint Lip Balm. One of my personal favorites about Laura
Mercier is that they give you color options. Our skin doesn’t consistently
stay the same color, which means sometimes we want a lighter bronzer and
other times we want a darker one. Laura Mercier palettes typically give you
two color options allowing you to always have the perfect color.


Tinted Moisturizer: $42

Sheer Creme Colour: $35

Bronzing Duo: $32

Hydratint: $20



I am in love with the Tarte cosmetics Lipsurgence and Cheek Stains. These
products have a smooth application and last forever. Designed to hydrate
as well as stain, they are a knockout. There are a full variety of colors for
every skin tone, and while the products are a bit spendier, they will last you
the season and then some! If you are going to be swimming or at the
beach, these are the products you want because they will not wash off with
water, and will leave you looking gorgeous all day long.


Lipsurgence: $24

Cheek Stain: $30


Laura Geller

I have a few family members that are QVC fans and if you are, then you
have see the new Laura Geller Glow-n-Behold collection. This is a boxed
set that you can purchase keeping in mind that anytime you purchase
makeup in ‘sets’ you typically save a lot of money versus purchasing them
individually. The products are multitasking (love!) and universally flattering,
giving you a glow from head to toe.


Glow-n-Behold: $66


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