The Un-Tucked Trend

If you’ve opened up the J.Crew catalogue lately (or any fashion magazine,
for that matter) you’ve likely noticed the “on-purpose un-tuck.” The shirt
half in, half out style looks great if you are posing in front of a camera, but
is it something you can really try in real life?

Studio 5 Fashion Editor Mallory Moore, Fashion Blogger Ali Henrie, and
Studio 5 Fashion Contributor Heidi Allen weigh in.

“The half tuck trend has thought to be the equivalent of a messy updo and
when done right can be chic and effortless. The key to making this trend
work is to keep it casual without looking like you tried too hard. You want
it to look natural and if you are going to give this trend a try, wear it with

-Ali Henrie, Fashion Blogger,

“I love this look! You will honestly never see me with my shirt fully tucked
in. It’s always the half-tuck.”

-Heidi Allen, Studio 5 Fashion Contributor

“I think it looks great in J.Crew magazines, but it can be a little tricky to
pull off in real life. Definitely takes the right kind of outfit.”

-Mallory Moore, Studio 5 Fashion Editor

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