Summer of Service Honors Utah’s Top Volunteers

Shar Lewis from The Utah Commission on Volunteers

This year more than 600 volunteers participated in Summer of Service program and served more than 7900 hours.
The Utah Commission on Volunteers honored the top three Presidential Volunteer Service Award winners with a private luncheon.

Award winners include: Scott Warner age 14, Jacque Baumer age 23, and Dale Greenland age 52. The each recorded the most service hours in their age categories over the past three months, earning both a Presidential Service Award and lunch with Lt. Governor Bell.

“It is a matter of great personal pride for me to be part of a community where there is such a value placed on volunteering and community service,” said Lt. Gov. Greg Bell. “Recognizing the best of the best is extremely important to me.”

Scott Warner, from Draper, volunteered 236 hours with the Christa McAuliffe Space Center in Pleasant Grove. He helped direct the summer Edventure program training campers how to use the equipment in the simulators, direct simulations, develop “Away Missions”, and help chaperone overnight campers. Campers at the Space Center learn history, science, and how to problem solve.
“I absolutely love volunteering,” Warner said. “I would live at the Space Center if they would let me.”

Jacque Baumer, from Orem, volunteered 315 hours with Child Rescue. She took on the enormous task of putting on the first Candlelight Serenade Acoustic Festival.
This fundraiser brought together public and non-profits all in the name of protecting children from exploitation. Baumer did everything from organize the concert, plan a community awareness campaign, and organize space for non-profits to have booths.

“I volunteer to make sure every child is safe from exploitation,” Baumer said. “We have children who suffer abuse right here in Utah, and I am passionate about putting an end to it.”

Dale Greenland, from Magna, volunteered 424 hours of his time with the Veterans Administration Hospital. Since being laid off as a regional sales manager, Greenland has devoted his extra time to the patients at the VA. He hosts the craft room, where Vets can keep their hands and minds busy while in recovery. Greenland also drives one of the onsite carts that transports immobile patients to where they need to be in the facility.

“I give my time to these Vets because they have given so much to us,” Greenland said. “The award is great, but I win everyday because of my association with these great service men and women.”

In addition to the three top volunteers, all volunteers ages 5 to 14 who logged more than 50 hours of service, and those ages 15 and older who served more than 100 hours will also be honored with a Presidential Service Award and Recognition Pin.

The mission of the Utah Commission on Volunteers, an office of the Lieutenant Governor, is to improve communities through service and volunteering. For more information on the Commission on Volunteers, and various volunteering opportunities across the state, log onto

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