Summer Survival Guide

Summer Survival Guide

With school getting ready to get out for summer, both parents and kids need a little help to make it through parts of the next three months. A summer survival guide can keep your kids busy and make sure they don’t forget how to use their brains.

Mary-Margaret Pingree, from Utah Idaho Supply and Map World shares her picks for a summer survival guide.

1 – Tornado Tube – TT200 $2.75

Create a tornado in a bottle! With this colorful plastic tube, learn about the science of vortex energy, the swirling, twisting and spiraling action that can be found everywhere in nature.

The Tornado Tube® is simple to use! Use the Tornado Tube® Connector with soda bottles, and in seconds a beautiful “tornado” appears.

Help children discover how air pressure and density work together to create an incredible force of nature.

2 – Snap Circuit Rover – ELSCROV-10 $79.95

Snap Circuits is a wonderful electronics kit that is so engaging for kids that it’s hard to put down. With easy snap together pieces, your child can build dozens of different projects. The Snap Circuit Rover actually lets you make your own remote controlled car. Once your child gets the hang of it, she can create original projects and see where electricity and creativity takes her.

Have FUN building your own RC Snap RoverTM using the colorful Snap Circuits parts that come with this kit. There is no soldering required as all the parts snap together with ease. Once completed, you will be able to navigate your surroundings with the easy-to-use Snap RoverTM remote control.

Multi-function, wireless remote control

Left and right turning control

Full-color assembly manual with over 20 projects Includes over 30 parts Race up to 3 Rovers at the same time Covert Night Missions using the headlight and Red and Blue side lights Sound Fx Colorful moving gears

3 – Watch A Bug – ILP02710 $4.99

Every child loves to collect bugs from their backyard, put them in jars and bring them inside to watch them.

Anytime is bug-time with Watch-A-Bug!

The pop-open, snap-shut Watch-A-Bug features a see-through mesh canopy and a bug chamber floor composed of high-impact plastic.

The versatile “one size fits all” wrist band keeps your critters close at hand – until you pop Watch-A-Bug open to set them free!

4. Bring science into your kitchen. Kids enjoy cooking so let them explore science while they are doing it. Encourage your child to see how everyday ingredients react when mixed and manipulated. For example, on a weekend morning, make pancakes. Cook it once with baking powder. The second time, leave out the baking powder and observe the differences.

Here are some questions you might ask:

When you leave out the baking powder:

Does the batter look different?

Do the pancakes look different while they are cooking?

Do the pancakes smell different?

Do the pancakes feel different?

Do the pancakes taste different?

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Parents can also bring their kids in to get a Summer Survival Kit which will be available for a limited time

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