bronwyn newport

‘Support is cheering women on.’ Bronwyn Newport on fashion, community, and reality TV

We were thrilled to have Bronwyn Newport in our studio!

You’ve heard the phrase “passion for fashion.” Bronwyn Newport embodies that from the inside out. You may have seen her fabulously outrageous outfits on the front row at a Jazz game, or on the frontlines of a community service project captured on Instagram.

Bronwyn is a woman with a big closet… and a big heart. We wanted to know more of her story.


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  • I completely agree we need more women-to-women support. But RHOSLC is the very anthesis of what she’s talking about and glorifies the vilest, mean-spirited and most self-serving attributes in women in exchange for fame, fortune and ratings. I certainly hope Studio 5 will NEVER celebrate a show like this or the women a part of it.