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Take a break from all the chores! These are the 5 breaks all women should take

There’s always time to take a break.

Self-improvement advice often revolves around the things we should start doing. However, there’s another side to this conversation – the things we should stop doing, or at least take a break from.

Lisa Andersen, host of the online community “Thriving Motherhood,” shares five breaks every woman needs.


Lisa emphasized that adults, unlike children, don’t get designated breaks like spring break or summer break. She wants you to give yourself permission to take breaks.

A break, as Lisa defined it, is just a pause in the norm. It could be something we pause temporarily, or it could be a hard stop.

Take a Break from Chores

First on Lisa’s list is a break from chores. She acknowledged that chores are never-ending. There’s always something to do. Therefore, it’s essential to take control and decide when you’re done. Lisa suggested picking a time at night when you stop doing chores, regardless of what’s left.

“At 9 o’clock, no matter what the kitchen island looks,” Lisa explained, “no matter what the living room floor looks like, hard stop for me.”

She also recommended taking a day off from household tasks to do something fun, like reading a book or watching a show. She calls it her “Fun Friday.”

Take a Break from Social Media

The second break every woman needs, according to Lisa, is a break from social media. Even with well-curated feeds, the constant influx of information can be overwhelming. Lisa suggested clocking out of social media on Friday afternoons and taking a break until Monday morning. This allows you to focus on your family over the weekend and be present.

Take a Break from Comparison

The third break is from comparison. Women often compare themselves with others, appreciating their strengths but then making it about their weaknesses. Lisa advised taking a hard break from this habit.

She said, “We don’t need to make it about us. They can be good, and we can be good. It can be both. It’s just a happier way to live.”

Take a Break from Mom Guilt

The fourth break is from mom guilt. Women often feel guilty when they fall short in their roles as mothers. Lisa suggested letting go of this guilt and embracing the motto “every day is a new day.” This means putting all the guilt to bed and starting each day fresh, believing you’ve done nothing wrong.

Take a Break from the Kids

Lastly, Lisa believes every woman needs a break from her kids.

She said, “When you take a little time for yourself, you come back happier, more rested, and more able to be your best self, which is beneficial for you, for your family, and for your kids.”

Find more from Lisa on Instagram @thrivingmotherhood.

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