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Turning Tragedy into Triumph: How a Utah Man is Making Every Day Count After Loss

Here’s how one man makes every day count.

We all face trials, and even tragedies, in our lives. However, some individuals possess a unique ability, a gift, to transform their sadness into something beautiful.

This is the story of 22-year-old Bronson Goodwin.


The Birth of Project 170

Three years ago, Bronson lost his sister, Kenan, in a car crash. The pain of that loss still lingers.

Bronson recalled, “I have so many memories of having the hardest day ever and she was always the one that’s bringing me chocolate or just little things to make me feel better.”

So, Bronson decided to create something that could bring a sense of light into the darkness. Thus, Project 170 was born.

Through Project 170, Bronson aims to make a video every day, talking about his journey of becoming the age his sister was when she passed. He plans to do small everyday things, go on tiny adventures, and work on self-improvement. He said it’s about making the most of each day, chasing dreams, and appreciating the small moments.

Bronson emphasized, “I think the main point is to become the person that I want to be at the end of this 170 days. Because, when my sister died, I realized I could die at any moment. And I want to be the type of person that I’m satisfied with how I lived my last days.”

28 days in, and Bronson already learned valuable life lessons from Project 170. He shared a few with us:

The Power of Consistency

Bronson admitted that consistency is a challenge for him.

“Doing a video a day I’m not gonna lie, it’s tough. But doing one hard thing a day – it’s making me grow so much.”

Overcoming Fear

Fear had held Bronson back from pursuing his passion for videography. But once he took action and jumped in, he started to see progress.

He advised, “We think it has to be perfect or polished. Just do it. Get it out there.”

Start Living Today

Bronson’s message to everyone is simple yet profound.

He said, “I want to build a community of people that realize that you don’t have to go through a loss to know that you need to start living now. We do not have any time to waste.”

You can follow along on Instagram or TikTok @bronson.goodwin.

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