Surviving Back-To-School

Callee Wilson from Pioneer Party shares a few fun ways to help ease the angst and let your back-to-schooler know you’re thinking of them.

1. Back to School Survival Kit

2. Backpack Snacks:

a. Hope you have a “red hot” day (with Red Hots in the bag)

b. Hey Smarty Pants! I love you! (with Smarties in the bag)

c. Learn ZOTS and have ZOTS of fun this week! (Zots candy in the bag)

3. Teacher Gift: A bottle of water with a little Hawaiian punch packet, a place for a note, and a little saying that reads, “Back to School Fuel for my new favorite teacher”

4. “How to Survive Going to College”

5. Trendy Notepads

6. Money Organizer

7. Bracelet or Necklace (to make new clothes)

8. Personalize Gum

Get all of the wrappings and ideas for YOUR next party or celebration from Pioneer Party. They offer wrapping paper, gift baskets, theme gifts, favor bags, and all kinds of fun boutique gifts.

154 West Main Street Lehi, Utah

(801) 768-3549

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