Switch It Out: 5 Ways to Update Your Face

Do you do the same make up routine every day? Do you wish you could do your make up like the magazines? It simply starts with the willingness to switch up your routine. Get your glam on and prepare to not only update your face but to gain some daily oomph by making some subtle and not so subtle updates. It’s time to retire the boring and be inspired!

To Retire: Black Mascara
Common, easy and ordinary. This staple go to product adds the finish to a gorgeous eye. But how do you add oomph to your eye color beyond shadow?

To Inspire: Bold Color Mascara
Tinted lashes are a subtle way of a color saying “now you see me, now you don’t”. With every blink, a wash of color draws attention right to the color of your eyes

· Holly’s Product Pick: Anastasia Hypercolor Brow and Lash Tint, Nordstrom, $18

To Retire: Lip Gloss
How many times do you have to apply lip gloss to your lips during the day? Let’s face the fact that it is difficult to get lip gloss to last any longer than an hour. And the older we get, the more juvenile it looks. Wow that is a lot of time spent slathering your lips only to outdate yourself.

To Inspire: Semi-Shine Lip Color
There are lip products designed to pigment the lips for up to 8 hours while leaving a subtle hint of shine. Not drying but lasting, these lip gel, sticks and tints are a great option to add oomph to your lips that lasts longer than a lunch break. My recommendation is a creamy, full-coverage lip color that has a comfortable texture and provides intense moisture with bold, long-lasting pigment to stay in place for up to six hours of continuous wear.

· Holly’s Product Pick: Stila Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick, Ulta, $22

To Retire: Powder Blush
Blush can often look a little dull if the wrong color or wrong placement. Powder can drag on more mature skin and appear blotchy.

To Inspire: Cream Blush
Cream blush adds a dewy texture to dull skin. It applies like cream heaven and stays all day. This wakes up tired skin and gives a supple appearance with a tint of color.

· Holly’s Product Pick: Maybelline Dream Bouncy
Target, $6.59

To Retire: Bare Brows
They are there whether you choose to acknowledge or not. But when you leave them alone, you are missing the best opportunity to frame your window to the soul

To Inspire: Brow Pencil
Brows are often the most neglected but when done right are very impactful. Defining a brow frames the eyes and can visually give you an eye-lift when drawn correctly. If you have never filled in your brows, I recommend starting with a pencil. For more advanced brow experts, powder gives you the ultimate control. To define a classic brow, use the corner of your nose as a grounding point. Take a pencil and place against your nose holding it straight up and down-this is where your brow should start. Next, while still holding the pencil against the nose, move the pencil directly in the middle of your pupil-this is where you should define an arch. Finally, move the pencil to the outside corner of your eye=this is where your brow should end. It’s science, it’s inspiring, it’s spectacular!

· Holly’s Product Pick: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil, Walmart, $6.44

To Retire: Pencil Eye Liner
The same line every time applied in the same place can be dull and leaving you feeling like a robot-doing the same thing, the same way every day. Ugh.

To Inspire: Gel Eye Liner
This is less about color and more about application. By using a different medium, you can explore not only new color possibilities, but the option of drawing a line a little differently. These typically come with an application brush. If not, ask the sales associate to help you find the right brush to accommodate the brand you purchase.

Some options to consider: 1.thin on the inside corner widening as you reach the outside 2. Thick and bold 3. Cat eye 4. Under the eye-yes I said it and this is the perfect product for mistake-proof application

· Holly’s Product Pick: NYX Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner & Smudger, Ulta, $8

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