Take 5: Liz Findlay answers thoughtful viewer questions

There are women everywhere who really take hold of life and turn it into something above average. We want to get to know those women better. This was the inspiration behind our “Take 5” series. We invite well-known women to pull from our “Take 5” jar and answer five thoughtful, viewer-submitted questions.

February’s featured Take 5 guest, Liz Findlay, has answers you’ll want to hear.


Get to Know Liz Findlay

Liz Findlay is the co-owner of Albion Fit, a women’s swimwear, lifestyle, and fitness apparel company. It originated in Salt Lake City but has expanded to six locations across the U.S.

She says Albion’s purpose has little to do with what they sell and everything to do with how they make people feel. Liz is mom to two daughters, and she founded the company with her husband, Dave.

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