Taking a Chance on Love: Making the Right First Impression

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone reveals ten ways to make the right first impression.


You are instantly assessed in four dominant areas: 1) what you are wearing 2) the sound of your voice 3) what you are saying 4) your body language

With every new encounter, you are evaluated and yet another person’s impression of you is formed. Whether in your career or your social life, it’s important to know how to create a good first impression. Here are some useful tips to help you do this:

Be on Time

This shows respect and courtesy for the person you are meeting as their time is important. There is rarely a “good excuse” for running late. Arrive early if possible and take into account traffic and weather conditions when traveling.

Make Eye Contact

This puts the person you are meeting at ease. It also lets them know that they are what you are focused on.

Shake Hands Firmly

You want to shake hands with a moderately firm grip: A handshake is part of the body language you are being assessed on. Too soft a handshake represents lack of commitment, too firm represents aggression.

Be Confident, but Be Yourself

Most people can sense when you are not acting genuine. You are a better you than your best imitation of someone else. The person is there to meet YOU. Let them see who that truly is. Hold your shoulders back. Slouching shows lack of confidence.

Good Grooming

Make sure you are well groomed: Clean and cut fingernails, styled hair, fresh make-up, body spray or perfume (don’t apply too heavily, you want them to remember you, not the overpowering smell), fresh breath-you cannot always tell if your own breath is offensive so pop a mint and chew it right before you meet.

Pay Attention to Dress Code

Pay attention to the event to determine dress code. If you are on a social level, and the event is casual, jeans are appropriate. Any other situation, do not wear jeans. Jeans give the impression of “no effort, too casual”. Make the effort to dress up a little (slacks or skirt) when meeting someone you want to impress.

Take Care of Clothing

Make sure clothes are pressed and in good condition:
Avoid stained or wrinkled clothing. Wrinkles and stains can give the impression that you simply do not care. Tuck things in that require tucking and make sure collars are lying flat.

Ask Questions

This shows that you are interested in them and not in telling them all about you.

Respect personal space

“Arms length” is the distance you should stand from another person.


Smiling puts even the toughest critic at ease.

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