Taking the Intimidating Out of the Gym

1. Ignore Those Who Intimidate

Many women are intimidated by the body builder types who tend to take over
the weight room – don’t be! Ignore them completely. And the good news is,
those types are usually more worries about themselves and their own
workout than they are about you.

2. What To Wear

Gyms don’t have a dress code! Where whatever you are comfortable with, and
what you can move easily in. For women, sometimes looking the part can
bring an extra layer of confidence, so investing in some new gym clothes
isn’t a bad idea – it’s just not necessary.

3. Find Your Corner

Every gym has a quiet corner you can take over, and do your own thing.
Knowing how to do just a few basic exercises, using free weights and a
stability ball, is all you need!

4. The Machines Are Your Friend

Don’t be afraid of the machines. Most of them have cheat sheets on the side
that show you how to use them.

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