Tat-Toes (Designer Nail Wraps)

Tat-Toes (Designer Nail Wraps)

Get salon quality nails…without ever leaving home! Best of all, you don’t
have to worry about chipping, or long dry times!

Carrie Dunn shares details about a new product available to the public,
called Tat Toes.

What has only been available in professional salons is now available in your
home. For the past three year’s nail technicians worldwide have been the
only ones to use this product and now it is available to you. From the red
carpet to your home, you can now enjoy designer nails for your fingers and
toes in a few simple steps.


· Lasts 4-6 weeks

· Wrap 3+ Sets of Nails per Package

· No Chipping, Flaking or Dry Time Like Polish

· Apply in Just Minutes , Remove in Seconds

· 40+ Creative Designs

· No Damage to Nail Beds Like Acrylic & Glitter Products

· Do it Yourself! No More Pricey Salon Trips

· Great for Mothers, Daughters, Teens & Business Women

Check out Tat-Toes.com for
information on where you can purchase Tat-Toes!

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