5 Days 5 Ways, Halloween Charm Necklace

5 Days 5 Ways, Halloween Charm Necklace

We challenged Studio 5 contributors to make something fun fresh and
fabulous using wood bingo inspired calendar numbers from Maya Road.

Margie Romney-Aslett used the bingo chips to make a beautiful Halloween
charm necklace.


Corked Vials

Jump Rings

Link Chain


All from Tim Holtz Idea-ology line.

I also used Bingo Chips from Maya Rhode


Glitter Charms, paper, stickers: The Girls’ Paperie

Martha Stewart Glitter

Glossy Accents, metal frame & Glass: Ranger

Charms Scarlet Lime Bead Art

Frame Hooks

Charm assembly:

Bingo Charms:

For the bingo charms start a hole in the top with a sharp pin and screw the
frame hook into the center of the bingo chip. Once tight add a drop of Glossy
Accents on-top of your hook to secure hook. Attach to your necklace with a
jump ring.

Cork Vial charm:

Pour glitter into the vial, attach a sticker to the front of the bottle. Screw a
frame hook into the cork and add a drop of glossy accents onto the screw to
secure hook.

Attach to necklace with a jump ring.

Faceted Charm:

Choose what you want your charm to be. A small print, vintage book paper,
sticker etc. Keep in mind smaller print is best.

Adhere facet to the paper with Glossy Accents. Too much Glossy Accents is
not a good thing, but you need enough so that it secures to the paper. Rub
around the paper I a circular motion, getting out all of the air bubbles. Set
aside and let dry before you cut it out. Sand off edges and adhere to your
necklace with a jump ring.

Collage Charm:

Create a collage by tracing your glass onto your base paper and collage in
that space.

Creating 2 sides. Use stickers old book paper, Scrapbook Paper etc. To add
glitter sprinkle in-between your collage and glass. Sandwich your two
collaged pieces between the glass and slide into your metal frame.


Put your necklace together, spread your charms out as you attach them with
jump rings. Embellish with ribbon, tulle and lace.


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