Planning a Successful Event

Planning a Successful Event

Calm under pressure. Creative in a pinch. And the time to lose it, is always
later. That’s the ideal image of an event planner. But since few of us escape
our turn at planning a reunion, a wedding, or a fundraiser, NOW is the time
to call in a pro.

Event Planner Dani Lassiter specializes in weekend boutiques, and large
community events. She shares her tips for creating an event experience.

· Brand it

· Reverse Engineer It

· Details Are More About Creativity, Less about Organization

· Anticipate a Problem

Check out Dani’s upcoming events:

Saturday, October 29
Wayne Bunker Park
7351 West Alexander Road
Las Vegas Nevada

Oh Sweet Sadie Art & Gift Show
November 9th-12th
SoDa row, South Jordan, Utah

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