Technology to Strengthen Relationships

Studio 5 Relationship Coach Matt Townsend explains how some high-tech breakthroughs can help us in our personal lives.

Connecting Long Distance– Video Conferencing for a father to stay connected on a trip. Dad would help discipline over the conference and help do homework. Couple would actually go to bed with a good night video call. Using Skype or other applications can also help bridge the gap.

Mixing it up– My mid day calls with my wife got pretty boring and uneventful. Mardi is a “seer” who wants to see she is loved so the phone calls weren’t working for her. We started using Instant Messaging and it got to be a lot more playful. Don’t think you need to keep using the same methods, mix it up a bit.

Bonding Time– One wife used to argue about her husband’s video gaming and how frustrated she was that he wouldn’t spend time with her. He didn’t understand what the big deal was because they used to always play games together. They made a deal that they would get the kids to bed and then they would spend time together playing video games at night. Only 30 minutes. During the games they would talk a lot more and both relax. He could connect because they were doing some activity and she got time with his “divided” attention.

Discussion Topics– My wife Mardi is an avid Facebooker and always ends up sharing new news and information she has gathered from her Facebooking. She also actively helps to run my page, uploading her pictures and keeping me informed. It gives us a lot to talk about.
Most of my birthday was contacted through Facebook.

Funny Fixes– We will spend tons of time sitting around our computer laughing and sharing our favorite You Tube videos with each other. It’s just a great break, no expectations, good feelings, good fun. Spiritual messages, videos and

Our Shows, Our Time– We use our Digital Video Recorder constantly recording shows so that we can share the movies together. My wife tapes shows like American Idol, the Bachelor and the Office and we will watch them together when we have time and we will blast through the shows without commercial interruption. It’s our together time.

Quick Get-aways– Couples can get away more because they have the electronic leash called a cell phone. Get your kids situated and leave the house together go get a quick lunch or dinner, go on a walk, knowing that you are only a phone call away.

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