The 3-Minute Energy Breakout Workout

Fighting the urge to hibernate in the cold weather? Check out this snappy 3-minute workout for a burst of energy to help amp up your day.
Melanie Douglass, R.D., NASM

If you’re struggling with getting your workout in these days, you are not alone. With busy school schedules, cooler weather, holiday stress creeping in and a host of other distractions, this is the time of year when workouts start to slip.

Trust me, I know the feeling of being tired, stressed and just “done” with trying to squeeze more stuff into an already busy day. When I’m feeling a serious lack of motivation, I tell myself to just get up and do “3 minutes”… yep, “just 3 minutes!” I don’t change my clothes; I don’t put on my best workout shoes… I just get up and commit to 3 ity-bity minutes. And you know what? Every single time, those 3 minutes make me happy, energetic, positive and refreshed. After a 3-minute mini-jam session, I feel ready to tackle my day or put on my workout wear for a longer workout. It just fixes my frame of mind and gives me the motivation to get (and keep) moving.

So, if you suffer from any of the above, give this 3-minute energy breakout workout a try!

You can repeat this 3-minute video workout whenever you need – as many times as you need! You can also put on your favorite power song (you know, that one that gives YOU a special boost of energy) and do these basic moves:

– 15 second march in place
– 8 side squats
– 8 reverse lunges
– 8 burpees
– 16 twists
– 2 sets of 16 front-to-back kicks
– 32 kickbox jabs
– 32 “rock it out” funky steps
– 16 slow motion jumping jacks (you don’t have to jump)

These moves warm you up and create energy in your body. They also increase the circulation of oxygen and nutrients for a mental and physical boost.

In addition to trying the 3-minute breakout workout, here are a couple other tips that help fight the urge to hibernate:

1) Do it first thing in the morning… and make an appointment.
2) Shower and pack your gym bag before bed.
3) Call and friend and try something new together (bootcamp, dance, etc).
4) Layer up! If you don’t workout because you want to stay warm and cozy, then start your workout warm and cozy! It actually helps your body warm up faster and you can remove layers as you start to sweat and make your workout more intense.

What helps you find the energy to get moving? I’d love to hear from you! Email me or comment below.

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