Melanie’s Favorite Moves

Target trouble zones and amp up your workout with these fresh new exercises by Health & Fitness Contributor, Melanie Douglass, R.D., NASM

Sometimes all you need is a fresh batch of moves to get you excited for a workout. So here are 5 fabulous, amped up moves that help target all those famous trouble zones. Enjoy!

#1: Serve to Kickback (ARMS)

– Works your arms (biceps, triceps and shoulders)

– Start with palms up and right in front your rib cage, elbows pulled way back and in. Push out front, then pull in, rotate palms toward body and push (kick back) behind you, bending from the elbows and keeping elbows up at shoulder height

#2: Row to Reverse Fly (BACK)

– Bend forward from the hips, belly in, back straight and flat. Hang the weights down then pull them up to ribcage with elbows in. Lower down, and then bring it up to a reverse fly with arms straight and palms facing down

#3: Weight Ab Twist (ABS)

– Get a weight a milk jug filled with water. Sit down on the floor, hold the weight in front of your chest and lean back to 45 degrees. Belly contracts inward, then twist side to side.

#4: Lunge Drops (GLUTES)

– Step into a wide lunge (right foot front, left leg back). Lower down into a lunge then come up and reach your arms down toward to the floor (try to touch the floor) in an arc “drop” pattern.

#5: Curtsey Hops (For rockin’ sculpted legs!)

– Start by tapping the right leg behind and to the left, then out to the right side (so it goes “behind, side, behind, side….”) once you have the motion, make it hop! Hop on every single move (behind and side).

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