The Best Fitness Clothes

Registered Dietitian Melanie Douglass breaks down the best in workout wear and what features are worth looking for.


You can finally cross off “I hate workout clothes!” from the list of reasons for not working out, because workout clothes are now functional, practical, fashionable and downright comfortable. And when you feel comfortable, you’re likely to workout more often and go for a longer period of time.

Here’s what to look for when shopping for fitness apparel:

Workout Jackets (for pre-, post- or during workouts)

1) Ventilation: Look for a jacket that has some sort of mesh ventilation, which allows your body to release heat. I like the NordicTrack Poly Stretch Woven jacket because the mesh is hidden—which makes it more fashionable.

2) Draw Cord: a draw cord helps to customize the fit,
a) to make the jacket more functional (keep heat in when you want and b) to create a customized, more flattering look.

3) Audio Storage: an mp3 player is a must; look for a jacket with a convenient audio pocket that isn’t bulky or out of place.

4) Reflective Taping: a little (but not too much) reflective taping makes outdoor workouts safer.

5) Comfortable Fabrics: the Nordictrack jacket feels soft and smooth, plus it has a comfortable fleece neck liner.

Workout Pants:

1) Breathability: it’s hard to find pants that are breathable, but look for light fabrics, or hidden mesh or side strips for ventilation.

2) Elastic waist: a must-have for any workout pant.

3) Flexibility at the knee: keeps pants in place when bending the knee.

4) Pockets that are functional, yet flattering (discreet)

5) Reflective Taping: a a little (but not too much) reflective taping makes outdoor workouts safer.

Workout Shorts:

1) Liner: look for seamless, built-in liners that absorb moisture.

2) Ventilation: keeps workouts cooler and more comfortable.

3) Discreet, functional pockets: pockets are essential, but if placed wrong can be bulky and uncomfortable.

Workout Tanks/Bras

1) Seamless: to prevent chaffing.

2) Long length: flattering, boosts confidence, security.

3) Supportive: makes workouts more comfortable.


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