The Black Friday Breakdown: Deals to Watch For

Jessica Foust with TopTenREVIEWS gives us the Black Friday breakdown.

Black Friday is a great time to get a jump on gifts for the holiday season, especially electronics. Yet, you can’t just run headlong into the crowds and hope to get the best deal. You need a plan. Find out what and where the great deals are before you wake up early on Friday.


If you start preparing days before Black Friday, you’ll be way ahead of your fellow shoppers. You no longer have to wait for the Thursday paper to get a lead on the deals. A number of sites post Black Friday ads as soon as they are leaked. Check these websites for the latest leaked Black Friday ads:


Preparation is key to getting what you want. If the deal doesn’t make you excited, wait for a better deal. Many deals will be matched or beaten later in the year. The best Black Friday deals are usually offered in limited supplies so make sure to be at the stores early if necessary.

Here’s a breakdown of electronics prices to look for:


Price Point:

• Smaller HDTVs: 32″ LCD TV for under $300

• 40″ LCD TVs for under $500.

Where to Find It:

• Best Buy: Dynex 32″ for $299.99 and the Dynex 40″ for $499.99.

• Target: Westinghouse 32″ for $246.00 and the Apex 40″ for $449.00

• Walmart: Emerson 32″ for $248.00

• AAFES: HCT 32″ for $279.99 and the Sylvania 37″ for $399.99.


What to Look For:

• Do not buy a Blu-ray player unless it is Profile 2.0, also displayed as BD Live. A player that’s already incompatible with current movie releases is not a deal.

Price Point:

• Under $100.

Where to Find It:

• Best Buy: Insignia Blu-ray Disc Player w/Superman Returns for $99.99.

• Costco: Vizio VBR110 Blu-ray player w/free HDMI cable for $99.99


Price Point:

• 10″ screen for under $200.

Where to Find It:

• Best Buy: Compaq Netbook for $179.99

• Office Depot: Acer Netbook for $199.99

• AAFES: Gateway Netbook for $199.95


What to Look For:

• 15.4″ widescreen display with 2GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive

Price Point:

• Under $300.

Where to Find It:

• Best Buy: HP 15.6″ Laptop 2GB of Memory, 160 GB hard drive for $197.00

• Walmart: HP 15.6″ Notebook 3GB Memory, 250GB hard drive for $298.00.

• Staples: HP 15.6″ Laptop 3GB of Memory, 160GB hard drive for $299.98


What to Look For:

• 4.3″ display, with built-in traffic updates

Price Point:

• Under $150.

Where to Find It:

• Radio Shack: Garmin Nuvi 255W for $119.99.

• Target: TomTom XL340S for $97.00

• Best Buy: Garmin Nuvi 205W for $99.99


What to Look For:

• 10 megapixel (or higher) digital cameras

Price Point:

• Under $100

Where to Find It:

• Best Buy: Insignia DSC10B 10 MP Digital Camera for $49.99

• Kmart: GE A1250 12 MP Digital Camera: $69.99

• Walmart: Sony Cyber-Shot S930 10MP Digital Camera for $79.99

• Radio Shack: Kodak M381 12MP Digital Camera for $99.99


Price Point:

• 8 GB iPod Nano under $149, and 8 GB iPod Touch under $199, 32 GB Touch under $299.

Where to Find It:

• Target: 8GB iPod Nano w/$15 gift card: $145

• Walmart: 8GB iPod Touch w/$50 iTunes gift card: $195

• Target: 32 GB iPod Touch w/$30 gift card: $295

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